This report essentially is divided into two parts. The first part analyzes the general external conditions of the year: opportunities and problems that could occur in different areas.  For the benefit of students of astrology, the influence of the Ascendant and Midheaven of the return are described as well as that of the Sun and Moon.

The second part analyzes the twelve astrological houses, marking specifically in what area of your life the various astral influences will be manifested, emphasizing your probable responses and inner changes. This section analyzes the position of the solar houses on the natal houses, the planetary conjunctions, and the location of the planets in the houses. You will be given a description of the most important matters derived from the placement of the planets in the houses, which are outlined in the text for each of them. The objective of this report is to offer you a practical guide that helps you to analyze this year’s prospects and to learn from them using your free will. Click here for a complete sample of the Solar Return Report.


Astrological Report for:

Alan McElroy

October 17, 1955

8:35 AM

Spokane, Washington


Solar Return calculated for:

October 16, 2018

4:04:54 PM

Spokane, Washington



***** INTRODUCTION *****

     The Solar Return is a chart calculated for the time that the Sun arrives at the exact position of the Sun in your natal chart. That happens once every year around your birthday, but at a different time each year. This chart is calculated for the time of the Sun’s return this year and marks the principal events for the year from birthday to birthday. This report also gives the location of your Solar Return. From this, it can be determined that some places are more favorable than others. With the aid of more than one report you could analyze the changes that are produced in the Solar Return Reports, choosing from different locations where you would want to spend the day.

     This report essentially is divided into two parts. The first part analyzes the general external conditions of the year: opportunities and problems that could occur in different areas. For the benefit of students of astrology, the influence of the Ascendant and Midheaven of the return are described as well as that of the Sun and Moon.

     The second part analyzes the twelve astrological houses, marking specifically in what area of your life the various astral influences will be manifested, emphasizing your probable responses and inner changes. This section analyzes the position of the solar houses on the natal houses, the planetary conjunctions, and the location of the planets in the houses. You will be given a description of the most important matters derived from the placement of the planets in the houses, which are outlined in the text for each of them.

     In some cases you will find contradictions. A planet may be beneficial in a certain area, while others may indicate the opposite situation. This means that you could have two types of possible situations during the year. For example: a lover’s quarrel and a following reconciliation. To get the most out of this report, it will be necessary to use your own logic and intuition, fitting the descriptions outlined here to your own particular case.

     The objective of this report is to offer you a practical guide that helps you to analyze this year’s prospects and to learn from them using your free will.

*** Astrological Data of Birth ***

      The birth chart is a map of the positions of the planets at the time and place of birth. For the benefit of students of astrology, these positions and other technical information is listed below:

Sun     23 Lib 32               Neptune  27 Lib 49

Moon    15 Sco 05               Pluto    28 Leo 08

Mercury 15 Lib 34               Asc.     18 Sco 59

Venus    5 Sco 49               MC        4 Vir 53

Mars     2 Lib 42               2nd cusp 14 Sag 33

Jupiter 26 Leo 03               3rd cusp 15 Cap 32

Saturn  20 Sco 17               5th cusp 29 Pis 38

Uranus   2 Leo 07               6th cusp 24 Ari 23

Tropical  Koch   Standard Time observed

October 17, 1955   8:35 AM

GMT: 16:35:00   Time Zone: 8 hours West

Lat. and Long. of birth place: 47 N 39 32 117 W 25 30

Astrological Data of Solar Return:

Sun     23 Lib 32               Neptune  14 Pis 06

Moon    25 Cap 49               Pluto    18 Cap 49

Mercury 10 Sco 30               Asc.     28 Aqu 38

Venus    8 Sco 23               MC       15 Sag 27

Mars    13 Aqu 07               2nd cusp 10 Ari 36

Jupiter 25 Sco 12               3rd cusp 18 Tau 33

Saturn   3 Cap 51               5th cusp  3 Can 43

Uranus   0 Tau 51               6th cusp 26 Can 35

October 16, 2018   GMT: 23:04:54

Spokane, Washington 47 N 39 32 117 W 25 30

Aspects and orbs:

Conjunction   :  7 Deg. 00 Min

Opposition    :  6 Deg. 00 Min

Square        :  6 Deg. 00 Min

Trine         :  6 Deg. 00 Min

Sextile       :  5 Deg. 00 Min

Semisextile   :  2 Deg. 00 Min

Semisquare    :  2 Deg. 00 Min

Sesquiquadrate:  2 Deg. 00 Min

Quincunx      :  3 Deg. 00 Min

***** FIRST PART *****

Chapter 1:

General characteristics of the year. The external conditions.

Solar Return Ascendant Aquarius :

     This will be a very unusual year. It brings different circumstances and experiences and changes in your daily routine. You will have a strong desire for more freedom. You may surprise others around you with changes in your normal, everyday behavior due to the influence of Uranus. You will feel the need for space and a lot of freedom of movement. Anyone or anything that stands in your way will not be tolerated. You are not willing to accept any kind of compromise and you will rebel against what you determine to be undue pressure to conform to the wills of others. If you are not this kind of person normally, the change in your personality will be very obvious. If you are already extroverted and changeable by nature, you should be careful not to go to extremes.

     You will be thinking more toward the future than to the present or the past. Your creativity will increase and you will conceive ideas and projects that will be of great value to you in the years to come. You will be looking at what has up to now been important to you and want to discard some of it because your interests are changing at this time and you will be drawn to the new and unusual.

     It will be a good year for social relationships and friendships. It also favors participation in group activities, clubs or committees that you may have thought of joining before, but have not acted upon. In spite of your sociability, tension may develop between you and people who may try to limit your freedom.

    Physically, you will have a lot more nervous energy that could make you more anxious and restless than usual. It will be important to pay special attention to your nervous system. It is advisable to alternate periods of rest with your intense activity and spend some time outdoors with nature, especially in places where there is clean air and water. This will give you much needed relaxation and quiet. If this is not possible, soaking in water and listening to soft music would be very helpful.

     This new obsession with freedom and variety in your life could  bring you in contact with people who will want to organize you or control your actions. This will clash with your desire to go your own  way. If you already have an important person in your life, they might be upset by the changes in you which could lead to fights or disagreements. You could begin a new relationship with a person who is attracted to your new persona. However, after this year is over, you may lose your interest in the unusual and strange, and your new partner will wonder what happened to you.  Actually, this is not the best year for forming any permanent, binding unions unless you are by nature this Aquarius kind of person. In that case, your true character will simply be exaggerated now, and you will have found a person who is actually very compatible with you.

     In spite of the complications you may experience this year, you can be sure it will not be dull. Let yourself enjoy whatever adventures you have and the new, fun friends that you have made!

Solar Return MC Sagittarius:

     During this year you want to reach for the stars! . Your optimism and your faith will be the principal ingredients for your advancement and the realization of your goals. This influence brings you a dose of general luck with your projects. You have a cosmic protection that will be with you all year. You will more convincing and persuasive than you have ever been. This could be beneficial to you in politics, business or any other related field.

     If your usual work is related to travel, tourism, diplomacy, international business, teaching, photography or the theater, it will be a successful year. You might also find yourself renewing an interest in one of these areas that you have had in the past. You might even be involved in more than one occupation during this year. Don’t allow yourself to get too busy or involved, thereby spreading yourself too thin.  It’s important to concentrate on your major goals for the year. Otherwise, you will not use your energy wisely.

     You could travel and visit other countries during this period, if other indications in this report confirm it. If not, you could use this time to expand your mental or spiritual horizons. You may not have to travel to have new experiences as you could attract into your present physical arena new people who share new ideas and stories of other lands with you.  Or you might decide to study a foreign language.

     You won’t spend much time at home during this period, and could find a “second” home some place where you feel comfortable. You will be very restless and will have a desire to interact with others. This could take place outside of your home, or you may receive a lot of visitors in your home. There might also be more contact and relating to brothers and sisters and other close relatives. Communication is the major key to resolving any disputes that could arise. If you were thinking of moving, you may think about it even more now, and finally make up your mind to do it.

Chapter 2: Astrological influence of your personality.

Sun in 8th house:

     This solar influence produces profound changes, especially in regard to your inner self. You will have to confront old fears, anger, or memories that stick in your mind and chain you to the past. It is a year of regeneration, liberation and transformation, and you may not consider it to be an exactly easy year. You will be guided to search your inner self and identify and release any repressed negative feelings which are holding you back or preventing you from living a free and creative life.

     In the material world, this influence favors the acquisition of money through inheritance, legacies, gifts or donations. It could also indicate financial gain from your partner if you are in a committed relationship. Any legal matters, litigations or judgments you may be involved in are likely to be settled in your favor during this time.

     It is important to watch your health during this year. There could be danger of accidents or an aggravation of some existing illness. Actually, your well-being depends a lot on your psychological and emotional state. If you have issues that you haven’t dealt with, this would be a good time to seek out professional help.

     In no way will this period pass unnoticed in your life. You will go through a process of inner change that will make you a different person in the following years. Listen sincerely to the dictations of your inner voice and your intuition.

     You have a greater interest in the occult now and may want to study these subjects in depth. There also is a possibility to have paranormal experiences and to develop an increased power of perception.

Sun square Moon:

     This influence could bring tension in your home which will disturb your tranquility during this period. Don’t get too emotional about the problems you have, and try to analyze them more rationally. You could experience disagreements or tension in the relationship with your mother or other female relatives, and you may not always get your family’s approval for what you do or say. You also could have some problems with your health because of your need for emotional balance. Watch out for nervous tension and eat a healthy diet.

    You could feel weaker and less effective than usual, and you may find yourself at odds with relatives who are difficult to get along with at this time. You could lose patience with people and if your work exposes you to the public, you should be careful to avoid unnecessary disagreements and misunderstandings, especially with  women who won’t tend to approve of your ideas. You will probably be   dissatisfied with your daily routine and may even have the desire to change your residence.

Sun square Pluto:

     You will be confronted with people or powerful situations that will put all of your strength to the test. Some of these situations will be inner conflicts and you will have to fight your own habits or negative memories that are deeply ingrained inside you. This is a year of transformation and profound changes in your personality. Don’t lose your balance and don’t react aggressively or with violence to tense situations. If you undertake some type of therapy or consultation with a professional, you will manage these energies more positively.

     The principal conflicts are brought on by people who exercise authority over you. You will fight for power in order to determine who dominates who. You could be confronted with a person who is overbearing or tyrannical, or it may be you who will dominate and be inflexible when dealing with others. This could cause ruptures in relationships and total changes in your social circle. In addition, this influence could cause breakdowns or problems with machines or equipment owned by you and could lead to disputes over the repairs.

     On the more negative side, this astrological aspect could expose you to some kind of physical violence. Control your speed and stay away from  people or places that could be dangerous for you.

Sun trine Asc:

     During this year you will feel very good. You will enjoy the company of others and, therefore, your relationships will be very favorable. You will show great enthusiasm in your work and everything you do. You will be full of vitality, joviality, and energy. You will be attracted to happy and amusing people and events. There also is a possibility of planning some trips during this year.

     Physically, you will have the necessary strength to combat any problems you may have. If you have some physical ailment, you will move toward healing it this year. The improvement will be due to your positive attitude and to your search for gratification and personal satisfaction. You will be revitalized and relaxed and, in return, will induce a similar response from your environment.

     The relationship with your father, or with people who represent authority figures in your life, will be very favorable. You could receive the support and collaboration of people in high positions.

Sun semisextile Jupiter:

     You will have lucky streaks during this year and can rely on the support of other people. Your optimism and your positive attitude toward life in general will increase. You probably will have a desire to increase your knowledge about certain subjects and will learn more by studying. There also is a possibility of some travel during this year. Don’t place too much trust in your imagination, but use your energies to accomplish the work that is important. Resist the tendency to look for comfort and ease.

Chapter 3: The emotional world.

Solar Return Moon in Capricorn :

     You will be more reserved and quiet during this period. You will be less likely to express your feelings during this time and will approach situations in a more analytical and calculated manner. If by nature you are an demonstrative person, you will be perceived by others as being less emotional than usual. If, on the other hand, you are not normally so demonstrative, you will react to things in a much cooler manner. Take care not to become too withdrawn and concentrate on demonstrating your feelings a little more openly. Other people may  not understand the message you are sending out as easily as you think they do.

     This influence will give you a stronger desire for solitude and contemplation, which could be beneficial for you, but on the other hand, you could have moments of melancholy, sadness or depression. You should learn to control your unnecessary negative thoughts and look to the future with positive expectations. On the positive side, this influence will help you to look at things more analytically and with clarity, and thereby be able to make practical, useful decisions. You should have a successful year if you are able to use your energy in this way. If you are involved in politics, it will be a very favorable year. Because of your dedication to hard work and diligence, you can rise to a higher position professionally.

     Due to your common sense approach to things, you may find that your relating to your mother and other women in your life could be rather distant and strained. Try to show your feelings more openly. Listen to and accept the suggestions of others. Take care not to be overly concerned with, or too busy with work matters at the expense of your personal and emotional needs.

     Don’t neglect your diet, staying clear of overly-seasoned, fried, or greasy food.

Solar Return Moon in 11th house:

     This year will be very good for social and group activities, especially those that are geared toward humanitarian causes. Your social life will pick up considerably and you can count on establishing new friendships, especially with women. In spite of the popularity that you will have, relationships formed at this time might be fleeting. Only some of them can be counted on to endure. Select your friends carefully and don’t waste too much time with people who cannot be a positive influence on you. If you are involved in politics, you will have a very favorable year.

     You also will develop new ideas and projects that will be carried out in the future. However, you should plan carefully and  logically because you could be likely to change your mind, depending on your mood of the moment.

     If you have children who are not your own (foster children or step children), you will be inclined to dedicate more time to them. Your desire for family harmony will increase and will affect many facets of your life.

Moon conjunction Pluto:

     Your emotions will emerge from the most secret part of your psyche and will be very intense and profound. You probably won’t have complete control over your feelings, which could impel you to extreme actions. If you are in a stable romantic relationship, you may encounter scenes of jealousy, struggles for power, or possession and manipulation. If you are not involved with anyone, you could begin an irresistible and intense relationship during this time calling up emotions that you have never before experienced.

     Your home life won’t be very calm now. This influence could bring profound changes in the structure of your home environment. The relationship with your mother or women in general will be very intense and could generate extreme situations, both positive and negative. Emotions that were repressed or denied will emerge from the depths of your being and you should learn to manage them wisely. If you are in some type of therapy, it will be very beneficial during this year. You will be able to draw strength from your past but could also act too impulsively at times.

     You will have to search for ways to relieve your emotional turmoil. Be more expressive and affectionate and control your anger. Your health could also be affected, especially your digestive system. This aspect could bring on female disorders in a woman.

Moon square Uranus:

     You will be more edgy and irritable than usual. You will be attracted to unusual ideas and activities.  You will be easily bored with your normal routine. You will look for ways to alter your environment and your every-day activities. It’s important that you recognize this and take care not to change those things that are still  important and necessary in your life.

     Your emotions will be very unpredictable during this year.  You will find yourself feeling emotions that you don’t understand and may not know how to deal with.  If you are in a committed relationship, this could be a problem as your partner won’t know what to expect from you. If you are involved in a relationship in which there is little excitement or passion, you will feel stifled or blocked. And this could result in your wanting a separation. It would be difficult to begin and maintain a new relationship because you won’t be easy to please during this time. On the other hand, this aspect could bring sudden, unexpected, and unusual relationships.

     There could also be problems arising in your home environment. It would be better for you to live alone during this time, if that is possible, because you won’t be particularly willing to see the other person’s point of view or to make any kind of compromise. You also can expect changes in your social circle. In general, relationships will be difficult, especially with women you live with or are associated with.

     You should watch your nervous system as well as your digestion. It is important to maintain a light diet that helps the process of digestion during this time, avoiding red meat and fatty or fried foods. Getting regular physical exercise would help to discharge your tensions.

Moon sextile Jupiter:

     You will feel a sense of well-being and contentment all year. Your emotions will be very positive and you will be optimistic, happy, and generous. As a result you will earn the appreciation of people in general, increase your popularity and receive spontaneous, willing help from others, especially women.

     You will have good fortune in the things that you undertake. This will be mainly due to your sincere and positive attitude.  This will also spread to the financial area, where you will probably gain more income. In addition, the atmosphere in your home will be very positive and harmonious. Existing differences and disagreements could disappear during this time, and you will find the support and harmony that you need. The relationship with your mother as well as other women in your life will be very positive.

     You could also grow in your love for mankind and your spirituality. You will offer your service to others and will receive the same in return. This will be a very happy year.

***** SECOND PART *****


     HOUSE 1:  Personality.  Principal interest of the year.

Solar Return Asc in or within 3 degrees of natal 3rd house:

     One of your principal interests will be communication, both in writing and in conversation, particularly in your immediate environment. You also could begin some type of study or take short trips to broaden your knowledge.

     During this year you could have a closer or more important relationship with your siblings, neighbors, or other relatives. You will value their opinions more. However, there could also be some disagreements.

Neptune in 1st house of Solar Return:

     Your perceptive ability and your sensitivity will increase notably during this year. You will be more imaginative and will tend to idealize the people around you. This could lead to future problems if you were too unrealistic and trusting of these people. You will be more romantic and dreamy and not entirely in contact with the real world. If you have artistic inclinations, especially in music, you will have a very favorable year.

     On the negative side, this position could cause you to be  confused and easily deceived. You will have a tendency to want to escape or run away from your problems instead of facing them and taking appropriate action. This will be due to fears and inner insecurities which will come to the surface. You could also be the victim of gossip, envy, or criticism, and become entangled in unpleasant chaotic situations.

     Try to be as realistic and aware as possible, and use your heightened imagination in a creative way which will enrich your life.

     HOUSE 2:  Financial situation.

Solar Return 2nd house cusp in or within 3 degrees of natal 5th house:

     You will have a stroke of luck in earning money during this year. You could have some earnings through games of chance or through some creative, educational, or artistic activity. However, money won’t be your principal concern. You may also want to do some gambling or invest in some speculative opportunity.

     You could be inclined to spend big money for romantic encounters or for pleasure. Use moderation!

Uranus in 2nd house of Solar Return:

     Your finances won’t be very stable during this year. You could experience completely unexpected and sudden financial ups and downs. This influence will produce changes in your current situation that should be managed with caution and without haste. Otherwise, there will be the danger of getting too far into debt or  failing in some business venture. You will search for more freedom   and autonomy in the work place, and you will prefer to live with a degree of uncertainty rather than be in a subordinate position.

     You will be attracted to novel or somewhat risky business enterprises. You will want to make changes in your routine. You will have ideas for making money through new and unusual enterprises. It is important that you maintain control over your actions and work in a prudent and careful manner.

     HOUSE 3:  The conscious mind.  Study, communication, and short trips.

Solar Return 3rd cusp Conjunct natal 7th cusp:

     You will travel with your spouse or with a committed partner during this time. If you aren’t involved with anyone, you could possibly meet someone during one of these short trips. And this could turn out to be the beginning of an important future relationship. This astrological influence indicates the possibility of signing some important papers or the commencement of an important business or personal relationship.

     HOUSE 4:  The home.

Solar Return 4th house cusp in or within 3 degrees of natal 8th house:

     There is a possibility of receiving goods or property through inheritance. Your security will be increased due to the collaboration of your family or your committed partner. But there also is danger of wasting goods or money that is received without much effort on your part.

     HOUSE 5:  Romance & amusement. Relationship with children.

Solar Return 5th house cusp in or within 3 degrees of natal 8th house:

     You could receive unexpected gifts or donations that will bring you much pleasure during this year. You could also be lucky in games of chance and in speculative ventures. On the romantic side, there could be certain complications in a relationship that could lead to separation unless these problems can be resolved. There is also the possibility of getting involved in a very sudden and passionate love affair.

     HOUSE 6:  Health and illness. Employment. Service.

Solar Return 6th house cusp in or within 3 degrees of natal 9th house:

     If you travel to foreign countries during this year, you should be careful with the food and changes of climate, which could cause problems with your health. There is also the possibility of needing to take a trip in order to get treatment for an illness. This influence could bring about changes in your spirituality as you are prompted to confront any doubts or skepticism in your beliefs.

     Your work environment will be more harmonious and pleasant. You will develop new ideas that will help to expand your general knowledge and your overall abilities and skills. This influence also could bring some work-related travel or some business activity connected with other countries.

Solar Return 6th cusp Conjunct natal Uranus:

     You could be subject to a lot of problems brought on by stress   during this year. It will be important for you to get involved  in activities that will help you to relax and to discharge negative energies.

     In the work place, you could become very impatient with the routine and will resist any work that you believe is boring. Your heightened creativity and the desire to do something new could result in your making unexpected and sudden changes in your occupation.

     HOUSE 7:  Associations.  Marriage and partnerships.

Solar Return 7th house cusp in or within 3 degrees of natal 9th house:

     You will probably do business with people from other countries or with friends residing in other countries. This influence could bring certain complications with contracts, legal proceedings, or international litigation. You could become associated with someone who lives in another country and find it necessary to do a considerable amount of long-distance travel.

Solar Return 7th cusp Conjunct natal Jupiter:

     You will thoroughly enjoy the relationship with your partner and other friends or associates. You will become very generous and will be willing to share many things with them. The relationship will cause you to feel more comfortable, happy, and optimistic, and you will share moments of much happiness. However, it is possible that your positive attitude may be rather exaggerated and you might not see the others as realistically as you should. It will be difficult at this time for you to accept the real truth about your life and that of others.

Solar Return 7th cusp Conjunct natal Pluto:

     Your relationship with your spouse or partner could arouse hidden feelings and emotions that you were not aware of. Consequently, this  could cause inner changes in you which could bring about a transformation in your life. On the other hand, you could also find yourself getting into tense, aggressive situations. There could be confrontations with others due to your attempt to manipulate them.  This could also be true of your relationships with friends and business associates.

     HOUSE 8:  Life and death issues, inheritances, and mysteries.

Solar Return 8th house cusp in or within 3 degrees of natal 11th house:

     You will make profound changes in your goals and future plans. You will be letting go of some of your old dreams and generating new ones. You will find that friends and associates will be a strong influence in guiding you through this transformation. You will be able to count on them for help. On the hand, this influence could also mark the loss of a friend.

Solar Return 8th cusp Conjunct natal Mercury:

     Your principal ideas and your way of thinking will undergo a big transformation during this year. Your mind will become more questioning and you will want to know about the mysteries of life and death. It would be advisable to watch out for nervous tension this year as this could lead to some sort of nervous disorder.

Mercury in 8th house of Solar Return:

     Your thinking will become more profound and you will gain more understanding about yourself. You will be inclined to get involved in important conversations with people who can help you explore the most significant aspects of your existence: questions  about life and death, and other mysteries.

     On the other hand, you could have difficulties in negotiations regarding financial investments or property that you own jointly with another person. There could be papers to sign concerning legacies, inheritances, judgments, or separation agreements which you may be involved in. This is an important year to address any legal issues in order to prevent future problems.

Solar Return Mercury Conjunct natal Moon:

     The ideas and comments of others will affect your emotions and your sensitivity. Your mood will change depending on the exchanges of ideas that you are involved in. You will have the ability to read between the lines and will capture the true messages of each conversation. In addition, the exchange of ideas with others will stimulate your imagination, inspiring you to conceive new ideas and concepts.

Solar Return Mercury Conjunct natal Venus:

     You will enjoy the exchange of ideas and opinions with other people. You will be looking for contact with intellectual people or those who stimulate your mind, which will help you to enlarge your social circle and also to develop your artistic abilities.

     In addition, you could be very much attracted to an interesting,  intelligent person and might even fall in love.

Venus in 8th house of Solar Return:

     This will be a good year to acquire money or goods through your love partner, business associates, family members, or institutions, such as banks or loan offices, with very little effort on your part. Should you request a loan during this time, you will most likely get it. If you are involved in some type of litigation or judgment, you  can expect a favorable settlement.

     You will experience changes in your personal life. It will not  necessarily be a year of harmony and peace.  You will find it necessary to examine any relationships you are involved in to evaluate them and determine how to make improvements, if necessary. You will learn a lot about relating to others and any relationship you now have will not be exactly the same as it was by the end of this year. If you begin a new relationship under this astrological influence, it could very well bring about some sort of transformation in you. Many of the changes will be on the unconscious level. You might also notice an increase of sexual desire within you.

Solar Return Venus Conjunct natal Moon:

     You will respond sensitively and sympathetically to the demonstrations of love and affection from others. You will enjoy social encounters and, if you are available, you might meet a special someone and fall in love. Your intuitive powers will increase and you will feel very protective and caring toward your loved ones.

Solar Return Venus Conjunct natal Venus:

     You will attract a lot of love to you during this year. There is a possibility of an old love returning into your life that makes you very happy. You will also be very satisfied with your social life and will have very warm and harmonious relationships.

     HOUSE 9:  Religion and spirituality.  Long-distance travel.

Solar Return 9th cusp Conjunct natal 1st cusp:

     You will be a more philosophical and profound thinker during this year. You will become interested in learning and enlarging your knowledge of subjects such as religion, law, or philosophy. You may have a desire to do some long-distance travel and learn about different cultures.

Solar Return 9th cusp Conjunct natal Moon:

     You can rely on your religious faith and spiritual beliefs to help you understand many of your emotional and family problems. It is important for you to go within and get in touch with your own deep  ideas. You may get interested in learning about your own roots, especially if they are connected to other cultures or countries. You could also develop a desire to teach and transmit your knowledge to others.

Solar Return 9th cusp Conjunct natal Saturn:

     The realities and responsibilities of your everyday existence will have an adverse effect on your attempt to find spiritual peace. If you don’t have strong spiritual beliefs, you could begin to question what you have always believed in. On the contrary, if you take your religious and spiritual beliefs seriously, you will find that they give you great inner peace and security. Long-distance travel plans could be delayed or cancelled due to your heavy responsibilities this year.

Jupiter in 9th house of Solar Return:

     During this year, travel to foreign countries will be very good. If you have been thinking about doing some kind of traveling, this would be a good year for it. Your interest in learning about distant lands and cultures will increase.

     The desire to increase your knowledge will lead you to study and to connect with other people from whom you can gain the information you are looking for. Your consciousness will expand and you will also be curious about exploring such fields as philosophy and religion. You will find it easy to concentrate and to comprehend the answers to abstract questions. You will be able to put your old prejudices aside and explore your own spirituality more deeply and honestly.

     This year will also be very good for activities related to politics and the law.

Solar Return Jupiter Conjunct natal Saturn:

     It will be difficult for you to relax and enjoy yourself with others this year. Your serious attitude toward responsibility and duty could throw a wet blanket on the activity of others. Therefore,  you will probably prefer to remain in isolation for periods of time. You will have the support of positive-thinking friends who will encourage you in your moments of depression or sadness, although you will undoubtedly have difficulty responding to their attempt to cheer you up. It would be a good idea to try to be more flexible and enjoy the friendship and happy moments that are presented to you.

     HOUSE 10:  Your profession, success, and status.

Solar Return MC in or within 3 degrees of natal 2nd house:

     You will have the possibility of earning much more money through your profession or work. In order to realize your goals and finish your projects, it will be important for you to handle your finances correctly. This could be a very lucrative year and will reflect your own responsible attitude toward your finances.

     HOUSE 11:  Friendships and social life.

Solar Return llth house cusp in or within 3 degrees of natal 2nd house:

     You will become more widely known and will develop new friendships with people who will offer you the opportunity to begin new business relationships. Your friends will be instrumental in improving your financial situation, providing other astrological influences don’t work against it. You will have new ideas and plans to increase your financial status.

Saturn in 11th house of Solar Return:

     You will be less sociable and talkative during this year. You will probably want to decrease the size of your social circle. You will want to maintain only those old friendships from the past that you can count on to be there for you. You will treasure quiet moments of solitude and relaxation. You will also find that involvement in group activities will not satisfy you as much as they did in the past and may decide to drop out.

     There will be delays and obstacles standing in the way of your realizing some of your desires, hopes, and objectives for this year. But don’t be discouraged because if you have done things correctly and thoroughly, you will see the rewards of your efforts toward the end of this solar year. Just have patience and confidence in your future.

Pluto in 11th house of Solar Return:

     Your social life will be transformed this year. You probably won’t associate with the same friends you have always had and will make new friendships. The people you meet during this period will have a strong influence on your future and will turn your thinking in a different direction, and, consequently, bring changes into your life.

     You also might participate in some group activity that will have a therapeutic effect on you. These meetings could help you to confront facets of your own character you hadn’t recognized before. Under this influence, you could also get involved with associations or groups that are working on social reform.

     Your goals, hopes, and wishes for the future will be different, and you will find yourself losing interest in certain relationships. It is advisable to maintain flexibility and patience during this time as there could be very unexpected and sudden changes in your social life.

     HOUSE 12:  Limitations, enmities and hidden things.

Solar Return 12th house cusp in or within 3 degrees of natal 3rd house:

     This astrological influence is not a good one for taking many short trips as you could run into problems or even accidents during your travels. You could have annoying communication problems.

     You also should be very cautious when signing contracts under this influence. Be sure to thoroughly read the fine print before signing.

Mars in 12th house of Solar Return:

     You should be very cautious during this year because you could be attacked by someone who disagrees with what you believe in. It also could lead to dangerous situations or surprise attacks of some kind. There could also be the possibility of accidents or confinement.

     You probably won’t be able to channel your energies very easily and could be frustrated in your attempts. Your attempts to take action will be repressed or will manifest in an inappropriate manner. In general, you won’t make a good impression on others and can even evoke their enmity. You will be acting primarily from a subconscious level and could therefore react too impulsively or destructively. You need to explore and become aware of bitterness and negative feelings you have brought with you from the past and take steps to heal them.

     You would be better off working alone, avoiding too much  pressure from your superiors. Social or charitable work could be a positive way of expressing this energy providing you are interested in doing it. You could also get interested in some sort of investigative work, the solving of mysteries or delving into secrets.