This report analyzes a romantic relationship between two people by interpreting the composite chart by focusing on the following: the essential issues of the relationship, how the couple deals with essential issues, where and how they complement each other, how and what they communicate, the weakness  of the relationship and the influences that can affect the longevity of the relationship. Also discussed are karmic areas and background issues of the relationship.

Star*Mate Composite Report for

Alan McElroy


Margaret McElroy

Birth Data for Alan McElroy:

Alan McElroy

October 17, 1955

8:35 AM

Spokane, Washington

Birth Data for Margaret McElroy:

Margaret McElroy

October 19, 1946

5:31 AM

Nottingham, England


This interpretation is based on the composite chart and planetary positions at birth. For astrology students, these and other technical information, are listed below:

                  Alan McElroy:       Margaret McElroy: Composite:

Sun               23 Lib 32           25 Lib 14         24 Lib 23

Moon              15 Sco 05           16 Leo 30          0 Lib 47

Mercury           15 Lib 34           16 Sco 16          0 Sco 55

Venus              5 Sco 49            1 Sag 00         18 Sco 25

Mars               2 Lib 42           16 Sco 51         24 Lib 47

Jupiter           26 Leo 03            5 Sco 02          0 Lib 32

Saturn            20 Sco 17            7 Leo 56         29 Vir 06

Uranus             2 Leo 07           21 Gem 36         11 Can 52

Neptune           27 Lib 49            8 Lib 59         18 Lib 24

Pluto             28 Leo 08           13 Leo 12         20 Leo 40

True Node         18 Sag 36           12 Gem 57         15 Pis 47

Asc.              18 Sco 59           12 Lib 55          2 Sco 00

MC                 4 Vir 53           17 Can 14         11 Leo 03

Chiron             0 Aqu 07           26 Lib 51         13 Sag 29

Ceres             17 Cap 03            1 Aqu 33         24 Cap 18

Juno              25 Sco 07           14 Sco 12         19 Sco 39

Vesta             21 Vir 34           23 Pis 38         22 Gem 36

Psyche            17 Gem 52            1 Vir 28         24 Can 40

Sappho            15 Pis 08           21 Vir 17         18 Sag 13

Eros              26 Vir 27           22 Leo 35          9 Vir 31

Cupido            21 Lib 54            3 Cap 04         27 Sco 29

Amor              26 Can 11           29 Pis 51         28 Tau 01

Aphrodite         13 Cap 52           13 Gem 25         28 Pis 39

True Lilith        0 Cap 04           23 Sco 04         11 Sag 34

1st house cusp    18 Sco 59           12 Lib 55          2 Sco 00

2nd house cusp    14 Sag 33           11 Sco 04         29 Sco 00

3rd house cusp    15 Cap 32           10 Sag 01         28 Sag 41

4th house cusp     4 Pis 53           17 Cap 14         11 Aqu 03

5th house cusp    29 Pis 38           16 Aqu 26          7 Pis 56

6th house cusp    24 Ari 23           14 Pis 34          5 Ari 01

7th house cusp    18 Tau 59           12 Ari 55          2 Tau 00

8th house cusp    14 Gem 33           11 Tau 04         29 Tau 00

9th house cusp    15 Can 32           10 Gem 01         28 Gem 41

10th house cusp    4 Vir 53           17 Can 14         11 Leo 03

11th house cusp   29 Vir 38           16 Leo 26          7 Vir 56

12th house cusp   24 Lib 23           14 Vir 34          5 Lib 01

Note: True Lilith is the true apogee of the Moon, also known as Black Moon Lilith

Alan McElroy:  Tropical KOCH,  GMT: 16:35:00,  47 N 39 32   117 W 25 30

Margaret McElroy:  Tropical KOCH,  GMT: 05:31:00,  52 N 58      1 W 10   

Aspects and orbs:

Conj  : 8 Deg 00 Min   Trine  : 5 Deg 00 Min   Quncnx : 2 Deg 00 Min

Opp   : 8 Deg 00 Min   Sextile: 2 Deg 00 Min   SemiSqr: 2 Deg 00 Min

Square: 5 Deg 00 Min   SemiSxt: 2 Deg 00 Min   Sesqu  : 2 Deg 00 Min

Note: The composite house cusp calculations are based on the latitude of 47 N 39 32

Star*Mate Composite Report


“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” Carl Jung

When we enter into a relationship with another person, we become a part of something greater than ourselves, the relationship. We are lifted out of ourselves. And it is through relationship, that we can truly see who we are as individuals, both the light and dark. So it is where it is most possible to develop personally, professionally and spiritually.

Astrology, derived from the Ancient Greek word astrologia meaning “telling of the stars,” affords us information that usually remains hidden. Having a clear overview and understanding can empower us to achieve harmony and wholeness through a relationship and guide us through any troubled or dangerous waters. The composite (or relationship) chart can tell us what a relationship looks like inside, where we meet and where we don’t. It shows us what experiences are possible together, what is easy or difficult. The composite chart will reveal the pattern and magic of a relationship when people come together. It is special and unique, just as the individuals who are relating, and ceases to exist when they are no longer together.

We long to participate in the magic and upliftment of relationship and we want to avoid the challenges and fears that it also brings. With the blueprint of our relationship in hand, we can gain and apply antidotes to the pains of relationship & celebrate more consciously the delights. Sometimes this means we can grow a common garden variety relationship into an exotic flower that can be appreciated and benefit all, including ourselves. And sometimes it precludes anything happening at all except the chaos of weeds. The choice all depends on the individuals involved, their goals, values and focus and what they do with the blueprint.

There is also a Mystery at the heart of every relationship that is not even revealed by the ‘telling’ of astrology. This is the uncharted territory of which even astrology can only allude to as Love or Fate.

These are the strengths and limitations of the composite chart and this interpretation attempts to empower you both with the blueprint and tools to guide your way in your relationship.

“The ritual of marriage is not simply a social event; it is a crossing of threads in the fabric of fate. Many strands bring the couple and their families together and spin their lives into a fabric that is woven on their children.” Portuguese-Jewish Wedding Ceremony.

Copyright 2006 Pemo Theodore

Chapter 1: Important Issues and Themes in your Relationship

“Intimate relationships cannot substitute for a life plan. But to have any meaning or viability at all, a life plan must include intimate relationships.” Harriet Lerner

Every relationship is as individual, as are its participants! This chapter looks at the very bedrock of your relationship and identifies what your potential is when you are together. Each relationship has issues that need to be dealt with on an ongoing basis and different ways of dealing with them. There are also certain areas of life within which individuals find themselves when they are together. If the essence of a relationship is healthy and positive, there is nothing that you cannot accomplish in life and then the relationship is self-renewing and fulfilling. It is important to identify what in essence you have together that you can then build on. Then everything else is bonus!

Sixth/Twelfth House Emphasis in Composite Chart (4 or more planets):

Unfortunately there are challenges in this relationship as regards equality between you. However if you have come together to help each other and others outside the relationship, then that will be a positive outlet. One of you may be incapacitated in some way, whether physically or emotionally so then the need for support is integral and should provide a source of strength. However if you are looking for a relationship of equals then this is not for you. This would be a good relationship for employer and employee, or a service related relationship.

Sun in 6th or 12th house in composite chart:

Unfortunately it may be difficult to have an equal basis between you in this relationship. One of you may be involved in helping the other, for some reason and if so then this is should serve you both well. However even in this case, the person that is serving the other would need to be monitoring their own needs and making sure that they fulfill them, by other means. One person may have to suppress their own ego to keep this relationship going and obviously that cannot usually happen on a long term basis. If this is a relationship between an employee and employer or guru and student then this dynamic would be more appropriate and less difficult. However other positive factors would need to be present in the chart to make this sustainable for both parties long term. Whichever person appears to be the more active partner may identify much more with the helping and sacrificing strength.

Moon in 5th or 11th house in composite chart:

This relationship will have a lot of heartfelt feelings. You will care about yourselves, others and any creative ventures that arise from the relationship. There is a childlike quality to the feelings that are engendered and therefore you may find it easy to play, have fun and be entertained by each other. It is easy in this relationship to stay connected to your hearts’ desires and this will keep the relationship at its best. The more receptive partner may identify much more with the strong feelings of love, joy and playfulness.

Sun Conjunct Mercury:

You both like to communicate and explore your world. It is easy to understand each other and you identify with the stimulus of ideas and networks. Whichever person appears to be the more active partner may identify much more with this intellectual and communicative aspect.

Sun Conjunct Mars:

You will need to do things together and some kind of work, projects or exercise would be a positive use of this aspect. You will be physically active and there may be a very strong sexual attraction and drive. You will readily give this energy a constructive outlet. The person who is the more active partner may identify much more with this dynamic, active and highly sexual energy.

Sun Conjunct Neptune:

You will feel linked intuitively and spiritually, as if you know each other without communicating. This is a strong link, but you would still need to be very conscious about your individual boundaries and respect them. You also need to be very conscious about communicating clearly and checking up on your intuitions. This is important so that you keep relating in the real world as well as on the subtle level. If you are the active partner in the relationship it will promote this incredible sensitivity and intuitive capacity.

Moon Conjunct Jupiter:

You are easily emotionally generous with each other and others. You just feel good and optimistic about the relationship. Being together gives you a sense of meaning and possibilities for the future. If you relate more to being the receptive partner then you may then identify much more with this feel good factor.

Moon Conjunct Saturn:

You are serious about each other and can easily stay the distance emotionally. However at times of stress you may find it hard to express how you feel as the relationship tends to repress and control the feelings. It would be good for both of you to have support systems where you can share any feelings that are not allowable in the relationship itself. One of you will play the role of the more receptive partner and may identify much more with this emotional control.

Moon Semisextile Mercury:

You are able to talk together as you both value communication and understanding each other’s viewpoint. You are also aware of what motivates each other’s feelings and how that can affect what you say to each other. If you are the receptive partner in the relationship it will promote the ease of communication.

Chapter 2: How You Complement One Another

“Passion makes the world go round. Love just makes it a safer place.” Ice T, The Ice Opinion

It feels like a kind of magic when people are attracted to each other, about which we can only wonder. If it is not there, we are not drawn to continue connecting with each other. Depending on the strength and quality of this attraction it is easy, delightful or compulsive to connect. When we are in a long term relationship with someone it provides a pull that brings us back together through more difficult times. It is the desire adhesive that sticks us together; otherwise we would easily drift away from each other due to all the pressures of modern life. This magnetism, lack of it or repulsion is the subtle energy that binds us, or not, in relationship with others. That attraction can comprise of sexual desire, physical appreciation and feelings of love and warmth that are easily accessible. It helps us make the compromises that are necessary in any partnership and encourages our collaborating and co-operating with one another. As a result it is an extremely important factor in the fate and enjoyment of any kind of relationship.

Venus in 1st or 7th house in composite chart:

This is a loving romantic partnership and you enjoy being together. You feel a harmony and joy in this relationship, which can also touch others. You feel happier being together than apart. You may also be a role model for others for a loving relationship. Because you care for each other, you will try to make each other happy whilst together.

Mars in 6th or 12th house in composite chart:

You will work together either in service or spiritually. This is a relationship where there may be an inequality on the sexual side, possibly one partner’s desires satisfied at the expense of the other. There may be strongly erotic fantasies when you are together but it may be difficult for varying reasons to consummate the physical side of the relationship. There may also be confusion or hidden problems about sexuality, working together or harnessing your individual desires for the benefit of the relationship.

Venus Square Pluto:

You are challenged by the intensity of loving in this relationship to honor each other’s individual empowerment. There may be conflict with issues of control, as in jealousy and envy and these can be resolved if you continue to base your relationship on love rather than power issues. You may also find it difficult as this love will change you and there may be resistance (and at the same time attraction) to the deep intimacy you can share.

Venus Semisextile Neptune:

You easily love each other unconditionally and value the subtle link of empathy and compassion for each other. You are also aware of what motivates you both on the soul level and as a result are able to appreciate each other’s ideals about love.

Mars Conjunct Mercury:

You both like to share dynamic discussions and action your ideas. You feel sharper intellectually when you are together and are able to really get the point of your communications. However at times you may lack diplomacy with how you speak to each other and may be too direct at times when it is not appropriate. Ideas and communications can also stimulate you sexually when you are together.

Mars Conjunct Neptune:

Your fantasy life will be important for your sexual expression and romance will be of high value. There is a heightened sensitivity to each other’s desires which can either trigger your passion or encourage you just to fantasize. This is a good aspect for couples involved in a spiritual life together or involved in compassionate or selfless service for each other or others.

Asc. Conjunct Sun:

This is an incredibly strong partnership; it may even feel as if you have met your ‘other half’? You are connected to the purpose of your relationship and others around you will acknowledge that too! You work together as one, whether this is a romantic or business partnership. The person who is the more active partner may identify much more with this sense of union.

Asc. Conjunct Mercury:

There is a very strong focus on communication and ideas in this partnership. You may find a comrade-in-arms type of relationship develop between you. You share each other’s thoughts and are able to listen to each other. You both appreciate movement and any sort of boredom would be anathema to the relationship. Networking with others may also be an important aspect of this relationship.

Asc. Conjunct Mars:

This is an incredibly dynamic, and at times possibly volatile, relationship. You may experience a lot of sexual energy together and you need lots of physical outlets for your energies such as sports, projects or work. Be careful not to be too competitive with each other as this could threaten the relationship. However you will like to throw a lot of challenges to each other, just make sure they are positive ones for the life & sake of your relationship.

Asc. Semisextile Moon:

You will need to be creative in this relationship, although a strong personal connection. There may be challenges between how the relationship expresses and how comfortable you both feel. You will both value the personal dimension and understand what motivates you and others will acknowledge the creativity that is necessary for how you generate this personal dimension. If you relate more to being the receptive partner then you may identify much more with this personal challenge and its resolution.

Asc. Semisextile Jupiter:

You will need to be creative in this relationship, although a strong inspiring connection exists between you. There may be challenges between how the relationship expresses and the need to grow and develop. You both value the enthusiasm generated and understand what motivates this. Others may acknowledge the creativity that is necessary to resolve this.

MC Trine Chiron:

This is a significant relationship as your instincts and physicality flow easily with the integrity and core of the relationship. You can integrate any past relationship wounds that emerge from the strong connection you have together. There is an comfort here that supports a profound sense of healing and peace.

MC Semisextile Uranus:

This is a significant exciting relationship but you will need to be creative in managing the magnetic connection exists between you. There may be challenges between the integrity and core of the relationship and your independent needs for freedom. You will both value the individuality that is possible and understand what is motivating that. Others may acknowledge the creativity that is required to manage this relationship.

Chapter 3: How You Communicate

“Listen. Do not have an opinion while you listen because frankly, your opinion doesn’t hold much water outside of Your Universe. Just listen. Listen until their brain has been twisted like a dripping towel and what they have to say is all over the floor.” Hugh Elliott, Standing Room Only weblog, 02-14-2003

“When in doubt, tell the truth.”  Mark Twain (1835 – 1910)

The bridge that links us as individuals and saves us from our isolation is communication and so it is a key piece to any relationship. The good news is that anyone can learn communication skills if they are interested in bridging that gap. One of the main skills is listening, and of course we can listen not only with our ears but on all levels. And the other key skill is truth telling. These two basic keys are the best foundation for any kind of good relationship and guarantee that you can continue to grow and develop together.

In some relationships we easily develop good communication patterns but in others there are inherent stresses or resistances to healthy sharing on this level. We then have to work harder to maintain optimum communication levels. So when starting any new relationship, it would bode us well if we are initially challenged, to be realistic about how much effort will need to be expended in developing consciousness and healthy habits for the future relationship. Then we can choose whether this is worthy of our effort or not.

Be forewarned that the largest common cause of relationship breakdown is when there is a breakdown in communication. Then the bridge that everything else must cross to link us has fallen into the crevasse between us. Bringing consciousness to this area in all your relationships will pay off dividends with healthy, happy and flourishing connections with others.

Mercury in 6th or 12th house in composite chart:

Your ideas and communications are geared to how to serve each other and address issues of work. You like to organize your daily routines and habits and possibly focus on issues of health and discipline. This is a very functional position and attention to all the details will ensure that plans go smoothly. However you may also need to lighten the tone occasionally, as too much focus on this area can become boring and pedantic for any type of relationship. One difficulty to this position is that due to the inequality of your ideas there may be a tendency not to be frank or honest with each other and that can be as harmful long term as not listening to each other. If you are involved in helping someone or work together, then this is a wonderful position to ensure that everything works well.

Mercury Semisextile Jupiter:

You are both are uplifted by your ideas and communications together and value the learning exchange that can happen. You are also aware of what motivates this inspiration and knowledge, so that you can share it. You are confident in your conversations and hold a positive focus on your ideas.

Mercury Semisextile Saturn:

You value the stability and reliability of your ideas and communications that you share. You are also aware of what motivates your commitment with those. You can therefore plan and organize sharing of your serious thoughts and responsibilities.

Chapter 4: Challenges to Relating

“I love being married. It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.” Rita Rudner

In some cases the challenges to relating are easily transformed and then integrated and in others they feel more like stumbling towards the eventual collapse of the relationship! Challenges in life can be important to help us remain conscious in our participation with each other, rather than falling into a state of unconscious participation that allows our complexes full expression! However there is a middle line, a relationship cannot be all about work, but needs an element of relaxation so that we can rest and restore ourselves whilst together. If this place of refuge is not available then we cannot and will not persist with the development of a mature relationship. So it is important that any relationship is not overburdened with challenges and lacking any ease, joy and fun.

There are many kinds of challenges within relationships; these occur mainly in the areas of communication, sexuality, finances, security and trust to name just a few. All these challenges can be alleviated and bridged through clear communication. Trust can be established if you know that both parties are committed to growing the relationship. That is the foundation underneath any relationship, the willingness to go the distance through good times or bad, so that when life intervenes to ‘spoil our fun’ we have tools and a sense of perseverance to persist.

It is up to the individuals whether the challenges within their relationships are workable and ultimately elevating or whether they are more trouble than they are worth.

Saturn in 5th or 11th house in composite chart:

You feel serious about loving each other and may find it hard to just relax and have fun together. There is definitely a strong sense of commitment but there may be various reasons for that: children, creative project, love, sport or entertainment. You have lessons to learn together and at least one of these areas may be the source of those lessons. Be careful that this relationship doesn’t weigh you down with too much responsibility and work because then the pure joy of being together disappears.

Saturn Conjunct Jupiter:

You have an ability to go beyond normal social boundaries together. You are both concerned with making wise decisions about how you function together in the context of your community. You will tend not to contract or inflate your context together but are able to adjust to the social milieu in a very balanced way together. It is important to be careful not to be too bottom line and therefore not to oppress any natural buoyancy or enthusiasm within the relationship.

North Node in 5th or 11th house in composite chart:

You will be drawn to love each other and/or express yourselves creatively together. Your heart’s desires will be a focus and expressing those will be your strength. Within the context of your heart connection, you will discover the areas that need to be developed or worked upon as individuals within this relationship. These lessons will tend to be focused on love, creativity, children and entertainment.

True Node Square Chiron:

This destined instinctive connection may be in conflict with the vulnerabilities, which are exposed within the relationship. Past relationship wounds will surface to be dealt with, and this can bring disharmony. Within the context of this conflict, you will discover the areas that need to be developed or worked upon as individuals within this relationship. These lessons will tend to be focused on vulnerability, physicality and healing.

True Node Trine Venus:

You may take it for granted how easily you integrate the destiny of your desire and attraction for each other. You will smoothly develop a fateful love relationship and/or creative projects together. Within the context of this flow, you will discover the areas that will be developed as individuals within this relationship. These lessons will be around love, desire, financial matters and creativity.

True Node Trine Uranus:

You may take it for granted how easily you integrate the destiny of your instant and magnetic attraction. You will smoothly develop your fated individual relationship that supports freedom and independence. Within the context of this flow, you will discover the areas that will easily be developed as individuals within this relationship. These lessons will be around freedom and individual expression within a relationship.

True Node Sesquiquadrate  Mercury:

Your ideas and conversations may be at odds with feeling compelled to be together. The ideals with which your minds are concerned, may conflict with your security needs within the relationship. You will need to be creative and learn listening and assertive skills, so that you can develop a bridge for your different thinking styles.

True Node Sesquiquadrate  Asc.:

Although an important partnership, there will be some conflict between the destiny of this relationship and how you relate both with yourselves and others. Your high ideals may be at cross purposes with your needs for safety within the relationship. However, whilst together you will learn a lot about relating both with each other and those around you.

Black Moon Lilith in 2nd or 8th house in composite chart:

This relationship has a strong soulful sexual basis that flows at a very fundamental level. The main value in this relationship is the wild energy that exists between you and can be difficult to contain. This means that the conventional ideas of security in relationships will be challenged and that there is a need to surrender to the deep currents working within the relationship. Issues regarding shared finances, change and intimacy need to be addressed with a lack of rules and comparison with others. You will find your own individual way of working with these issues. However it is important that you both honor each other’s needs otherwise all these areas could be very challenging.

True Lilith Conjunct Chiron:

You feel profoundly whole together due to the soulful connection between you. You are profoundly and instinctively related to each other through the body. Also the vulnerabilities from past relationships that surface when you are together are accepted as natural to the relationship. As a result you both benefit in a healing way by being together. The depth of your emotional and sexual connection makes the world a better place, just because you are together.

True Lilith Square True Node:

Your destined relationship is in conflict with the deep emotions and sexuality that are released from being together. You may find that these more unconscious feelings disturb the fateful sense of being together and need to be accepted and integrated. Repressing these feelings will only prove disruptive to the relationship and contribute to lack of depth. Within the context of this conflict, you will discover the areas that need to be developed or worked upon as individuals within this relationship. These lessons will tend to be focused on deep soulful feelings and sexuality.

True Lilith Trine MC:

This is a significant relationship as the integrity and core of the relationship flows easily with the deep emotions and sexuality that surface within the relationship. The roles you share together whether in work, home or family integrate easily together with this level that is normally unconscious. It is easy to accept and integrate, so that you are capable of functioning together on a profound, soulful level.

True Lilith Quincunx Uranus:

You may find it difficult to integrate the deep emotional and sexual feelings you share with your needs for freedom and independence. You need to find a creative resolution to this paradox and find ways to bring to consciousness these normally hidden and unconscious components.

True Lilith Semisquare Mars:

Your actions and sexuality may be somewhat thwarted by darker, soul feelings and sexual expression. Expressing your ideals may rock the boat and challenge your stability as a couple. Your passion may tend to be self oriented rather than for the relationship, and by including these more hidden layers of feeling and sexuality, it will enrich you both.

Chapter 5: Background of the Relationship

“My mother used to say that there are no strangers, only friends you haven’t met yet. She’s now in a maximum security twilight home in Australia.” Dame Edna Everage (1934)

“Nobody sees a flower – really – it is so small it takes time – we haven’t time – and to see takes time, like to have a friend takes time.” Georgia O’Keeffe (1887 – 1986)

“Don’t accept rides from strange men, and remember that all men are strange.” Robin Morgan

We have many different types of relationships. These days we have the luxury of being able to be very creative with all our relationships and can work together to make them suit us as individuals. We have grown beyond automatically relating from predetermined roles. This is truly wonderful as it has the great advantage that we then are challenged to stay conscious whilst we interact with each other.

It is important in any kind of relationship to have friendship as the underlying foundation. The origins of the word friend come from the Old English word “freond” which meant “to love, to favor” and is related to the Old English word “freo” which meant “free”. This is a clue as to how to make all our relationships successful, to honor each other’s freedom as individuals and to love each other. This can be applied to all business and personal relationships if we want to achieve the highest expression of potential between others.

Jupiter in 5th or 11th house in composite chart:

In this relationship you are blessed in the areas of love, creativity, friends, fun and possibly also children. You grow and learn from each other by following your heart’s desires and as a result you have a lot of generosity of heart towards those around you. This could be a “great love”! You are both playful together and may like to be involved in entertainments, sports or just having fun with whatever you are doing together. Creative projects will be done in a big way and you could benefit very much from these.

Chiron in 2nd or 8th house in composite chart:

This relationship exposes vulnerabilities from past relationship wounds, as regards trust, safety and security. As a result there is a strong focus and need to bring to balance these very human insecurities. Whatever constitutes security and trust for both of you can be developed and healed. As a result you have an ability to establish safety for those around you as well. There may be strong issues around the physical, sexual component of the relationship and the vulnerabilities that it engenders. You have the potential of great balance in the areas of security and trust.

Uranus in 3rd or 9th house in composite chart:

This relationship has a strong focus on individual expression and ideas. As a result you will encourage each other to speak your truth and be free to think what is most important to you as individuals. Together you will aim for focusing on bigger issues and ideas than the mundane issues of life which would only promote boredom. The important thing here is to beware that sometimes truth needs to be spoken with a diplomatic slant in relationship so as not to undermine each other’s self confidence. Also the mundane aspects of life will also need to be addressed even in this relationship, so you may need to get creative about that piece.

Neptune in 6th or 12th house in composite chart:

This is a highly spiritual service, work or healing relationship. There is a tendency to sacrifice for each other and to surrender any ego needs for acknowledgement. However it is important to be clear about each other’s roles and duties within the relationship to counter any confusion or disappointment. It is also important to acknowledge each other and build a sense of self confidence in your work roles together. This relationship has great potential for spiritual healing.

Pluto in 4th or 10th house in composite chart:

This relationship has an intense focus on building a structure together, whether home, family or business. The roles that you share together will be transformative for both of you on a core level. You both have the ability to support each other in empowerment. It is important that you focus on the care you have for each other within the relationship, so you don’t resort to control or manipulation of each other, or those around you. Your family roots may play a significant role in transformation and empowerment for you both.

Chiron Quincunx Uranus:

You may find it difficult to give each other freedom and independence because of past relationship wounds that surface when you are together. You will need to find a creative balance between your acceptance of basic human vulnerability and your needs for independent movement.

Ceres in 3rd or 9th house in composite chart:

This relationship will focus on communicating and thinking about how to care for each other. You share your thoughts and communicate in loving and caring ways to each other and those around you. You are literally able to say “the right thing” when necessary within the relationship. As a result you may also be involved in writing, teaching, publishing or media work that embodies caring and nurturing issues. At the very least, you should be loving friends. If there is any threat to the relationship however you will experience the opposite of depression or negative thinking.

Juno in 1st or 7th house in composite chart:

This partnership has clearly defined roles and an inherent basis that you were meant to be together. You can go through challenges to the partnership and still come back together. This is probably a formal relationship such as a marriage or business partnership. You definitely can go the distance with each other for long term results and goals. It is necessary to be aware of game playing within the clearly established roles that you have together. It is human nature to “want to have it all”, much better to be honest about that than to live by deception and game playing.

Vesta in 2nd or 8th house in composite chart:

This relationship has a strong focus on working to build material and financial security together. You will expend a lot of hard work to achieve your goals in this area. You both will have extreme devotion to building trust and stability in the relationship through work and sexual expression. In fact the sexual part of the relationship may become a thing almost holy and definitely an area of spiritual transformation! Be careful not to distract yourselves with work and when matters of the heart may need to be addressed with love and or passion.

Psyche in 3rd or 9th house in composite chart:

This relationship is focused on thinking and communicating about the human vulnerabilities you share within your love and sexual relationship. By talking about these things, you will have a real opportunity to learn and integrate and leverage the sensitivity that exists between you in this regard. You may both be involved in speaking, teaching, writing, publishing or media work within the psychology of relating. There is a great sense of meaning in being together that feeds your soul on a higher level.

Sappho in 2nd or 8th house in composite chart:

You are building trust and security from the foundation of your passionate romantic and sexual attraction. You both have a deep appreciation for each other which may be expressed in some form of creative expression. You bond together in the interests of making the relationship safe and stable. You may have a strong focus on preparing yourselves for the challenges of formalizing your relationship through marriage or some other official bond.

Eros in 5th or 11th house in composite chart:

You focus your erotic love towards your heart’s desires and creative expression. You are creative with your sexual life and know what turns each other on. Your erotic life can be compulsive so that if you choose to have children, they may tend to be secondary to your sex life and it would serve you to put things in place to cater to that. This can also happen if you follow a creative profession, in that your erotic life can either feed or take the focus off this. You will both certainly have a passion for your creative expression, children, entertainment, fun or sports. Your hearts will definitely be in your sexual life.

Cupido in 1st or 7th house in composite chart:

You were pulled together due to your strong physical attraction and chemistry that you have together. Your physical appearance is very appealing to each other and as a couple you look very attractive together. This is a partnership that is blessed with a high value on beauty and harmony. You need to be careful to not be caught too much in the superficial look of the relationship. It is also important to attend to the heart of your love and care for each other.

Amor in 1st or 7th house in composite chart:

This partnership is based on real love and the boundaries between you in this loving partnership. You will idealize your love and therefore you will focus on how to integrate this love in the real world without feeling disappointment. You can balance so that you bring the best out of your love and can experience unconditional love together. Others may see the relationship as an ideal love partnership too.

Aphrodite in 5th or 11th house in composite chart:

You have been brought together for your heart’s fulfillment through the fated love you share. There is also a focus on art and beauty in your creativity, children, entertainment, fun and sports that you share together. You initially felt drawn strongly together in a destined way. There is a special magic that your love brings to all these areas and any creative work that you are involved together will have a destined quality to it. This could certainly be a “great love” experience.

Ceres Square Sun:

You have difficulty caring and supporting each other and stay in line with the purpose of why you are together. You want to be nurturing to each other but there seems to be inherent differences in your goals for the relationship. Be careful to pay attention to balancing both the relationship mission and nurturing each other, so that difficulties will be minimized. The dependence on being cared for in this relationship could cause fear and obstacles to being creative and proactive together. If you are the more active partner in the relationship, you will be able to identify with this conflict of care and purpose.

Ceres Square Mars:

It is difficult to assert yourselves and also care and support each other. You want to nurture each other but you may have problems with work, activities and sexual expression. Demanding your needs be met, may turn your partner off wanting to supply them. Fear of loss of the relationship may also interfere with your freedom of action. There is a need to balance both your energy outlets with your caring and nurturing so that it is motivating to protect each other.

Ceres Trine Saturn:

This serious committed relationship easily embodies care and support for each other. You both have clarity about each other’s boundaries and responsibilities and this minimizes disappointment and distrust. You incorporate the flow of nurture easily within the structure and foundation of the relationship so that a real trust exists between you both about having your needs met easily. Your trust in this relationship can easily integrate the potential loss of the relationship and you set up systems to minimize disruption.

Juno Conjunct Venus:

This love relationship will have some kind of contract or bond, possibly marriage. Your desire and attraction are fostered by the clearly defined roles that exist in the relationship. You can also build loyalty and commitment together, as your care for each other can grow in the safety of identification of clear boundaries together. This romantic relationship may become a role model for others epitomizing the best of loving partnerships. This should be a long term love relationship, where attraction and desire are integral.

Juno Square Pluto:

You have difficulty maintaining the contract or bond you share, whether marriage or business, due to the intensity of your transformative connection. You are bonded together, but there seems to be inherent differences in your requirements for empowerment. It is important to gear your roles and responsibilities towards Love rather than will to power or control. This can then regenerate the relationship and give it an experience of resilience, as regards your loyalty and commitment. You will need to allow any boundary issues to surface and acknowledge and honor them, so as to allow healing for each of you.

Juno Trine True Node:

You may take it for granted the flow of being brought together for the contract or bond that you share, whether marriage or business. You will smoothly develop a sense of destiny in this partnership together. You can easily learn regarding the roles and responsibilities within the partnership. You can also develop commitment and loyalty together, through the consistency you give to honoring your boundaries.

Vesta Trine Sun:

This relationship’s mission flows easily with the experience of being comrades in arms and sharing your spiritual service together. You both aim for higher experiences and include this in your goals. There is an easy flow of self sacrifice as you both aim for higher experiences in the relationship through work, service or sexual expression. You embrace the dissolving of boundaries that happens naturally through this relationship, as it brings transformation and connects you with a larger experience. If you relate more to being the active partner then you may relate more to this easy mission of creative service.

Vesta Trine Mars:

There is an easy, powerful sexual and work flow together, with a focus on transforming your desire to a higher level. There is also a real flow of creative resolution to any challenges in your individual desire. Communication flows and you can achieve transformation together in the spiritual fire of this connection. Through the profundity and depth of the relationship and the sexual expression and/or work, there can be a sense of touching and dissolving the egos. You both love to share new experience and heights together.

Vesta Trine Neptune:

This relationship has a flow of deep spirituality. It is easy to incorporate your boundaries dissolving through a focus on freedom and dissolution of the ego in work, service and sexual expression. This is healing and provides a vehicle for transformation together. You can easily achieve a great sense of service in the pursuit of higher levels of Love in this relationship.

Vesta Sextile Pluto:

You have great opportunities to integrate your strong work ethic with your empowerment within the relationship. Others may help you to acknowledge that you may tend to overcompensate for any difficulties within the relationship by throwing yourselves into work, healing and creative sacrifice. There are also opportunities to combine service and healing within the context of the sexual relationship as well, so that it can be almost a tantric experience of wholeness.

Psyche Square Sun:

You are challenged by this soul union and by your mission to develop personally through the relationship. At times you may find it difficult that your issues are reflected through your partner. You may find that you both not aligned in your journey to wholeness through this relationship, at the same time. You may also be conflicted about how connected you are to each other psychologically. The relationship can afford you much transformation and healing, if you deal with any resistance to this purpose. If you are the more active partner you may identify much more with this conflict in your personal development.

Psyche Square Mars:

There is a conflict with the strong caring drive within this relationship which is expressed through your energies and sexual expression. You are asked to deal with any frustration of desire, by focusing on the Love you share rather than will to power. When you accomplish this you will find that your personal development grows incrementally whilst you are together. You are challenged to bring your individual desires and urges to be transformed, through sexuality or projects that you are involved with together.

Sappho Conjunct Chiron:

This relationship is highly sexual and accepts any vulnerability that you have as individuals. You are good friends and can communicate so you can be clear with each other, in this highly romantic and passionate connection. In fact any boundary issues and therefore vulnerabilities are part of the romance of being together, as you have a deep appreciation for each other. You may even include these human vulnerabilities of the body or feelings into your romantic exchanges, such as poetry.

Sappho Square True Node:

You feel conflicted about being compelled to be together through your sense of being comrades in arms and your romantic and passionate attraction. It is extremely important to work with this, as you can learn and develop together as regards this connection. You may also be in conflict as regards your values and tastes in art and aesthetics, so that it is important to be inclusive as regards your partner’s styles. You are challenged to grow through the wisdom of Love and so you need to develop communication between you. You may feel like twin souls who have known each other before, as even this conflict is familiar to you both. If you are able to integrate the learning that you gain from the relationship, you will both experience profound change.

Sappho Trine Pluto:

This is a naturally profoundly deep relationship where you easily empower yourselves, through romantic and passionate expression. You are a powerful force together and are easy good friends, as well as lovers. Whilst together you will undergo easy transformation through the relationship and will naturally learn a lot about Love and relating. You share similar values and tastes in the arts and this area flows within the relationship. You are both open to the strong sexual drive which is triggered by your romantic notions, conversations and possibly even poetry?

Sappho Sextile Neptune:

You have great opportunities to recognize that this is a very soulful, romantic and empathic relationship. Look for your opportunities to express your high ideals about Love and relating, either through poetry or other romantic expression. Those around you may support you in feeling like twin souls, and honor and acknowledge each other’s boundaries, so that you both feel appreciated. Also look for your options to share similar tastes and styles in the arts. You have opportunities to bring romance and aesthetics to your sexual expression together, which makes it extremely interesting.

Eros Opposition True Node:

This is a destined great Love and you were meant to be together! You feel compelled to partake of this erotic connection and there is a lot to be learned by surrendering to the power of this Love. Your sexual relationship is an extremely important driving force that transforms and empowers you when together. You can learn a lot about intimacy and desire through this relationship, as you may find it hard to maintain your sense of individual egos.

Eros Square Chiron:

You are challenged by this great Love which triggers your human vulnerabilities facilitating past relationship wounds to emerge to be healed and accepted. You are conflicted by this extremely erotic attraction and your human physicality is the focus. Be open to being turned on by your vulnerability and recognize it as a source of power and healing for both of you. If you accept your individuality, rather than being in conflict, it can contribute to the magnetism and attraction that you share and also support your vulnerability. You care for each other but it runs from a deep, soulful level and may tend to focus on the erotic relationship.

Cupido Sextile Saturn:

You have opportunities to feel strong in presenting as a very traditional and possibly conservative couple and in your view of beauty. What you find attractive is usually a reflection of hidden, unacknowledged parts of yourselves! Others will help you to also address the heart of the relationship too, especially any vulnerability. It may be very important for you to present a very stable, mature front, as this is what constitutes security for you both. You have possibilities to be some of ‘the beautiful people’ when you are together and you may even be involved in some sort of work, which is based on your shared tastes in beauty and the arts.

Amor Trine Moon:

There is a real flow of comfortable feeling within this relationship, as you make your ideal love real together. You can easily satisfy deeper, more hidden emotional needs and desires in a creative way and achieve a sense of union on a higher level. You may take it for granted how easily you can both identify your individual boundaries and honor and accept them. Any emotional vulnerability that emerges from past relationship wounds, can easily be accepted within this ideal love. Real love can spring from openness to your humanity and you are readily emotionally generous in the presence of each other’s past relationship wounds. As the more receptive partner, you may identify much more with the comfortable flow of this ideal love.

Amor Trine Jupiter:

You easily find great meaning and sense of belonging, through creating an ideal and perfect love relationship together. There is a flow of magic just in being together and you can easily accept each other’s vulnerability, so that the world will seem better for your love. You also both readily honor and acknowledge each other’s boundaries, when you are together. There is a strong sexual connection which flows and is underlying the pure and ideal vision of love. It is also a flowing sensual relationship and you can easily accept each other’s emotional vulnerability that may emerge through your emotional generosity. You can easily keep your love in perspective and not become inflated!

Amor Trine Saturn:

There is a flow to this reasonably stable relationship, which is founded on an ideal and perfect love. You easily have a good foundation of truth and independence that makes this ideal love truly a real relationship. You can easily ensure that the structure of the relationship includes your emotional vulnerabilities, as well. Your commitment to each other can readily build trust and loyalty, and you are able to allow this relationship to develop in its own right. Clarity around boundaries and acknowledging and honoring is a given. You easily make this ideal love into a real relationship.

Aphrodite Opposition Moon:

You swing back and forth between being comfortable with suddenly finding yourselves in a fated relationship, and not. At times your vulnerabilities can be taken care of within this deep soul love that you share, when you clarify and honor your boundaries. There is a polarity in the great unconditional love for each other, which can be expressed very physically through your bodies. It can feel really healing being together and sharing your love. Your ordinary feelings are important and you can be emotionally generous in your attentions to each other. If you relate more to being the receptive partner then you may identify much more with swings in comfort about this fate.

Aphrodite Opposition Jupiter:

You swing back and forth in experiencing meaning and a sense of belonging together within this spontaneous and profound love that you share. At times, you will both be transformed by the profundity and depth of intimacy that you share, as it jolts you out of your ordinary slumber in life! There is also a polarity, as you need a lot of emotional attention when you are together and you need to learn and grow from the relationship. You also need to be generous emotionally with each other too. Sometimes you may go overboard about this relationship, because it feels so great, so magic when you are together. Be careful to also clarify and honor each other’s boundaries, so that you do not take unconscious liberties with each other.

Aphrodite Opposition Saturn:

There are swings back and forth in this long term spontaneous love relationship. At times you trust in each other and can identify and honor your boundaries, so that you are able to bring depth of soul from the unconscious levels to the relationship. There is a polarity in communication which can be extremely important and also when there is profound intimacy between you both. By clarifying vulnerabilities, you are able to build a strong, long lasting love together.

Chapter 6: Summary

“Just because you love someone doesn’t mean you have to be involved with them. Love is not a bandage to cover wounds.” Hugh Elliott, Standing Room Only weblog, February 16, 2004

“The conception of two people living together for twenty-five years without having a cross word suggests a lack of spirit only to be admired in sheep.” Alan Patrick Herbert

“Why is it so hard to find a soulmate? Because most of us are actually searching for egomates instead. We place the most limited and unloving aspect of our minds in charge of our search for love, and then wonder why we aren’t succeeding. To the degree that we identify with this false sense of self, and operate on the basis of its limited point of view, we aren’t looking for someone to love so much as recruiting fellow actors to take on supporting roles in a favorite melodrama.” Carolyn Godschild Miller “Soulmates: Following Inner Guidance to the Relationship of Your Dreams.”

Relationships can be challenging & sometimes seem more trouble than they are worth. We are challenged to live our best life & to be the best that we can be! These days going down the relationship path, consciously, can be more profound & enlightening than getting thyself into a nunnery! We see each other through the mirror & reflection in each other’s eyes, of who we are & what we are doing or not doing! We cannot hide or delude ourselves when we live in the light of our partner’s eyes.

So if we choose to take this path in life we are subject to all the gifts & joys of sharing, companionship, care & love that relating can bring. We are also brought more fully into conscious attention to our own souls & personal development. We honor & respect each other’s boundaries & separation so that we can unite with each other in love & compassion.

On a bigger scale the microcosm of our personal & business relationships are the seed of our community, our country & our planet. We have all been brought together under the banner of humanity & our spiritual challenge is learning to live with ourselves firstly & then others in a harmonious, peaceful & respectful way! When seen from this perspective, whatever needs to be addressed in our immediate relationships, will provide a good basis for a better planet!

May these reflections help serve that purpose!

Romantic and Sexual Attraction High Score (113):

Every relationship needs some sort of glue that pulls the couple together & keeps them attracted to each other. This relationship has a high level of romantic & sexual attraction & should prove to be powerful connection. You will automatically feel drawn to be together and feel part of something greater than yourself by being in this relationship. There is great potential for a powerful & profound feeling of finding one’s other half within this relationship. This relationship offers the opportunity of great personal development for the individuals.

Good Communication, Problem Solving Medium Score (89):

This relationship has a good conduit of communication. At times of stress this may require work & consciousness. It is important to make sure that you both have a regular time & place to connect & communicate so that the relationship never has to suffer due to lack of information.

Success & High Achievement Medium Score (71):

This relationship gives a positive experience of success both spiritually & materially. This experience may not be consistent but by applying a positive focus & working hard, you can do well together.

Longevity & Commitment Medium Score (96):

This relationship is a reasonably stable force which will remain intact as long as you pay attention to any weaknesses. It will serve you to be clear & honest about your level of commitment & loyalty to each other & build on that clarity. If you consistently communicate this can be a lasting relationship.

Sense of Fate & Destiny Together High Score (152):

There is an incredibly powerful pull, possibly a compulsion, to be together that often feels stronger than your own individual personal needs. You may also experience a strong sense of familiarity even when you initially meet. You will learn profound & life changing lessons together. It probably feels fated to be together, so ready or not you will be propelled into big changes together. This may be a soul mate relationship!

Challenges & Weaknesses Low Score (32):

This relationship does not have major areas of stress or weakness. It is reasonably easy to keep your attention on each other’s needs & desires & steer in a positive direction. There is a reasonable amount of consistency & comfort being together & it does not require a lot of work.

“Love is the most difficult and dangerous form of courage. Courage is the most desperate, admirable, and noble kind of love.”  Delmore Schwartz

Chapter 7: Credits

Pemo Theodore is Australian origin & has been a practising astrologer for 26 years in many countries including Australia, Canada, Ireland & the US. She completed the Federation of Australian Astrologer’s certificate exam in November 1983 & was then President of the FAA on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. She taught astrology classes & lectured. She was a Jungian therapist for 7 years having trained with an Jungian analyst, Patrick Jansen, graduating with a Diploma of Rebirthing & Transpersonal Psychodynamics in 1985. She is now a certified International Coach Federation Associate certified Coach. She established her business Star Consulting in Dublin, Ireland in 2000 & was featured on radio, TV & newspaper articles. She was the founding President of the Ireland chapter of the ICF. She was in the first round of ISAR certified astrologers in August 2005.

Pemo’s gift & greatest love, both as an astrologer, therapist & coach, has been relationships; what makes them work & what undermines them. She was featured in 2004 in a Dublin 98FM promotion in which she was the relationship coach & astrologer and achieved an extremely positive outcome for a couple. She continues to coach them & other couples. This project, the “Star-Mate Composite Report”, has been a labour of love!