The Vertex Report helps you understand how a larger sense of purpose and destiny works in your life. Every person sometimes finds himself or herself in a situation of meeting someone or visiting a place that feels very natural, as if we had known this person or place, but have forgotten it — even though it is our first meeting with the person or place. We sometimes feel that there is a destiny or definite purpose to our lives that sometimes lies before us regardless of what actions we take. There is a momentum or force that pushes us forward and the force is bigger than we are. Astrologers who analyze the point in the chart known as the Vertex have found that the Vertex describes the situations in which we find our destiny unfolding before us. The Vertex has a particularly important effect on our personal relationships because very often the magnetism that brings us together with others we are close to involves a magnetism and dynamic that is larger than our personal interests. The Vertex Report helps you understand how a larger sense of purpose and destiny works in your life. Destiny does not imply that there is no free will. We do choose our path in life, but very often it is much wiser to choose a path that follows the ocean current rather than one that is at cross purposes to it. In working with the prevailing forces we still have many choices on the finer details of how we express ourselves and the circumstances that we create within the context of these strong forces.  The Vertex Report can help you navigate your way in life by seeing how the Vertex describes a force of destiny in your life.


by Donna Henson

Margaret McElroy

October 19, 1946

5:31 AM

Nottingham, England


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Listed below is a list of planetary positions at birth for

Margaret McElroy

Positions of Planets at Birth:

Sun     25 Lib 14               Pluto    13 Leo 12

Moon    16 Leo 30               True Node12 Gem 57

Mercury 16 Sco 16               Asc.     12 Lib 55

Venus    1 Sag 00               MC       17 Can 14

Mars    16 Sco 51               2nd cusp 11 Sco 04

Jupiter  5 Sco 02               3rd cusp 10 Sag 01

Saturn   7 Leo 56               5th cusp 16 Aqu 26

Uranus  21 Gem 36               6th cusp 14 Pis 34

Neptune  8 Lib 59

Tropical  Koch   Standard time observed

GMT: 05:31:00   Time Zone: 0 hours West

Lat. and Long. of birth: 52 N 58    1 W 10   

Aspects and orbs:

Conjunction:  7 Deg 00 Min

Opposition :  4 Deg 00 Min

Square     :  5 Deg 00 Min

Trine      :  5 Deg 00 Min

Sextile    :  4 Deg 00 Min

Quincunx   :  5 Deg 00 Min

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WHAT IS THE VERTEX ASTROLOGICALLY?: The Vertex represents a role or part we play that is not a matter of personal choice but is fated or destined.

We cannot really change things signified by what is involved with the Vertex. Vertex events involve other people. Often their actions come from things already set in motion. They are automatically forcing “personality completion” or bringing out what is expected of us. For example, a person with a Vertex in Cancer may not be comfortable dealing with emotional or family matters until he learns to do so. Vertex events make it possible to learn this.

The Vertex represents one’s lot in life determined by one’s past. The sign the Vertex is in represents a quality one needs to bring out, i.e. with the Vertex in Aries one needs to bring out initiative, the courage to start new things and to lead. The results are inevitable unless the actions had been changed sometimes years earlier. The Sun on the Ascendant gives a personal approach to life, but one has something to say about it. Sun on the Vertex, though, is a “Key Man” in a group or collective setting and very much subjected to fated situations. Coming on the right side of the chart, the Vertex is also a mirror to ourselves as to how other people see us. It shows expectancies of a person as a result of the reputation he has earned.

The Ascendant is our face to the world; the Vertex tells how the world interprets this face. It represents the result of personal growth as it is interpreted by one’s environment as a result of what a person has done.

Therefore, the Vertex symbolizes a facet of our natures that we are compelled to bring forth. One way to think of the vertex is that the ascendant is the body, the MC the soul, and the vertex the spirit. The vertex shows expectancies from a person as a result of the reputation he has earned. It brings forced personality completion since it is a cycle finalizer. It is heavily activated when a cycle is ending. It represents the result of personal growth as it is interpreted by one’s environment as a result of what one has done. At the asc. we take from the environment (i.e. food, air, etc.). At the MC we give but with compensation. At the vertex we are expected to return to our environment by service.

The vertex is also known as the wish factor, but these wishes are fulfilled in a perverse manner. There is always the involvement of others in some manner. It is the reflection of what we are (asc.) and what we do (MC). While the descendant reflects how other people react to us, the vertex reflects how our environment responds to us. Many think of it as representing a fated quality in the sense that we have little or no control over its actions.

Being an East-West polarity, the vertex represents others and the anti-vertex, the self. The anti-vertex represents the cause and the vertex, the effect. The anti-vertex indicates an area of ease or favors freely given. We’re used to events brought by the anti-vertex. They’re comfortable. However, the vertex indicates challenge. These events are impersonal. They’re not under our control. Like the nodes of the moon, the north node and the vertex are indicative of challenge and growth while the south node and the anti-vertex are indicative of ease and familiarity. A person needs to go a step higher in the sign of his natal vertex.


The Vertex works somewhat like the Moon’s Nodes since the Vertex and its opposite point, the AntiVertex is also an axis. We say we have already developed the qualities of the South Node and we get out greatest growth from the North Node. Likewise, we have well-developed qualities of the AntiVertex, and we need to bring forth the qualities of the Vertex.

How aspects to the Anti-Vertex work

Conjunctions to the Vertex are oppositions to the Anti-Vertex. This shows the need to balance and use what you already know with what you are developing by using what both signs signify.

Sextiles to the Vertex are Trines to the Anti-Vertex. While you have the opportunity to develop the qualities of the Vertex, it is easier for you to express those of the Anti-Vertex. If you allow this, it could hold back your efforts to express the Vertex sign. Used constructively, it’s a highly harmonious aspect.

Squares to the Vertex are also squares to the Anti-Vertex, so you have impediments in developing the things signified by the Vertex sign and from using the innate talents of the Anti-Vertex. This is the most challenging aspect of all.

Trines to the Vertex are the easiest and usually most favorable aspects. They are also sextiles to the Anti-Vertex, so you have both the ease and opportunity to develop what these signs signify.

Oppositions to the Vertex are conjunctions to the Anti-Vertex. Here you have the strong well-developed talents of the Anti-Vertex, which may overshadow your development of the Vertex sign. Neglecting one over the other is not the best use of this. You may meet opposition from someone else when your fated events occur, or you may take the easier path of the Anti-Vertex.

Quincunxes to the Vertex are also semi-sextiles to the Anit-Vertex. While you’re fated to develop the sign of the Vertex, help from your Anti-Vertex is just beginning to develop giving you little help from previous development. This results in minor irritations that could eventually develop into big problems such as health or financial concerns. To handle this you have to adjust to the differences of the two signs.

Vertex in Aries, Anti-Vertex in Libra:

You are expected to pick up the reins of leadership, initiate new directions, take a decisive stand, overcome inhibitions to activate personal drive, learn courage, and conquer fears.

Doing these things may satisfy a fundamental need for expression that you are psychologically ready to fulfill. It can challenge your ability to lead, troubleshoot, or innovate, and it can bring abilities forward from your unconscious that you were not aware of. You can gain awareness of personal courage and self-identity as well. With your Vertex in Aries, like Barbara Walters (9-25-1929, 6:50 am, Boston, MA, Rodden rating A) you gain success through taking initiative and a decisive stand showing personal drive and learning courage and conquering fears. All these she did through her 20-year stint with the “Today” show where she showed her remarkable courage in interviewing some of the most famous people in the world. Her initiative and pioneering effort are seen in the fact that she was the first woman to gain such a highly paid position in the very competitive TV news industry. With her Libra Ascendant (charm) and Cancer MC (a caring demeanor) she used the personal drive of her Aries Vertex,

Not accomplishing these things may put the initiative into another’s hands or leave you unfulfilled because you have compromised or fallen into tempting mediocrity. It is also possible that you will develop a gap in your personality because of a psychologically damaging identity complex. With the Anti-Vertex in Libra you already know how to use the charm and fairness of your Libra anti-vertex to get what you want and need for your spiritual development. In your efforts to develop initiative you build on this innate talent. The aspects show the ease or difficulty in developing the best of the Vertex sign.

Vertex in 7th house:

You are expected to bring an inner balance to your relationships. Your ability to counsel and arbitrate is being drawn out of you. Like the Vertex in Libra, you are often in the role of being the peacemaker. You are learning to relate equally to others as in marriage, partnership or any close relationship. Developing diplomacy and the ability to compromise are your special gifts to the world.

Vertex Quincunx Venus:

You are certainly one who needs to know yourself well and define what you want out of life. If you don’t you may compromise more than is necessary and then resent others for having to do so. Your efforts to improve or maintain your appearance give you more confidence. Throat or voice problems may arise at times.

Vertex Opposition Sun:

You find that by doing something for yourself, you attain the success or happiness you deserve. You may achieve a feeling of importance due to the confidence you feel about yourself.


The Ascendant is who you are and how you express yourself. The Midheaven describes what you do (your career) and also one of your parents. As a result of how you express yourself and what you do, you are expected to express the characteristics and tasks of the Vertex.

Libra Rising:

More than any other sign you seem to want and need a life partner or someone important to you that completes our personality. You’re very sociable and, indeed, must be around people to get their feedback. It is almost as though you do not know what you think without that feedback. You prefer small groups or one-to-one encounters more than large groups. You’re tactful and peace loving. Often you are the peacemaker using your charm to achieve your goals. Since you see both sides of a situation, it is difficult for you to make up your mind. Some of you seem to be indecisive. This trait is useful to judges or arbitrators who do not make decisions until they know all sides of a situation. This placement is also good for lawyers and diplomats. You hold back to determine what others think before making up your own mind.

You are artistic and refined. You have a fine sense of color and you do not like disorder. You’re the office worker or homemaker who beautifies your surroundings wherever you are. You are a natural for marriage counseling whether you do it professionally or as a friend. You want to be liked but may sometimes disagree with others until you have balanced things out mentally and emotionally. It is difficult for you to take a stand on issues because you see merit to both sides.


The Adjectives in Interpretation

Aspects to the Ascendant are like the adjectives in a sentence. They tell who, what, when, why, and how the Ascendant is affected. Taking interpretation to this level enables you to know yourself much more specifically. Every ascendant aspect shows a potential for different expressions of the personality. Regardless of the ascendant sign, it takes on the characteristics of the planets (energies) aspecting it, and the kind of aspect (conjunction, sextile, square, trine, quincunx, or opposition) tells how you are apt to express this energy. Usually we can choose to express this energy positively or negatively.

Moon Sextile Asc.:

Your mother is a strong and favorable influence on you. You have a supportive and loving relationship with her. You enjoy working in groups and may enjoy the political arena. In a man’s chart it favors marriage. It gives an easy-going mature. Some have very pleasant singing voices, or at least music is an important interest. You enjoy fun and good times with your family and friends.

Neptune Conjunct Asc.:

Your actions may be difficult for others to understand  Your highly developed sensitivity may make you intuitive or psychic. You’re apt to have artistic ability due to a well-developed imagination. You devise ways to escape the harshness of reality. You attract strange characters and are especially vulnerable to powerful individuals who can gain control over you. When stabilized in reality, you can do a great deal of good by extending your sympathetic understanding to those who reach out for your help.

Pluto Sextile Asc.:

You have a deep understanding of the important role you play in the lives of the people you deal with. In a crisis situation you are dependable and will go to the assistance of anyone needing it. You have long-range relationships with those in your life. People are drawn to you because of your strength and positive attitude. You have a magnetic ability to gain the support of others. You need to reform and regenerate those around you in a positive way. You rarely let people down when they look to you for guidance.


The Midheaven (MC) indicates the highest level to which one may aspire. It shows one’s position or status in the world and what the person has aspired to achieve. It also indicates a parent or parents from whom a person gets his station in like, especially as a child, and indicates how far a person is able to rise above his birth condition. Later, this status comes from his employer or the nature of his life’s work. Ambition, or its lack, is indicated here too. The Midheaven shows how favorably or unfavorably a person is known. The sign, ruler, and aspects to the ruler indicate the ease or difficulty one has in reaching his potential. Planets in the 10th house may give additional information. Politically it has a connection with the government.

MC in Cancer

Parents and family are very important to you. You are sometimes reluctant to leave the family home. You’re slow to settle on a career and will express nurturing in some way in the career. You may work for the public in a nurturing capacity. Since you had a traditional upbringing, you may have trouble finding your ideal career. Your parents expected you to achieve, so you work to attain the security that is so important to you. If your midheaven ruler, the moon, is strong, women in your life help you become successful. An afflicted moon requires you to overcome obstacles before achieving public success.

You may change jobs several times unless your moon is in a fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius). You function well in positions of authority since you are responsible with a strong sense of duty. Though there are times when you seem to lack vitality, you do have persistence. Being a cardinal sign, you are seen as a doer. Others see you as sensitive, shy, timid, and moody at times. You respond to life by feeling rather than thinking. You may have had many trials and obstacles early in life giving you empathy for those who are needy. A parent is apt to be patriotic and have a good memory for the past.


How You Handle Each Stage of Your Life

Aspect you have to your Midheaven give a more thorough interpretation of how you come across than the sign only. When we are born we get out identity from our parents or the circumstances of our birth. With each stage of development we usually have more control of this public image. As a child you began to develop an identity through your social contacts as well as your parents. As a teenager, you begin to establish your own identity apart from your parents. Next, your educational level and your job or career identifies you. Marriage usually brings a major change in identity,y and so on as does every stage of your life. The sign and aspects to the Midheaven indicate how you handle these stages. With each planet we develop differently.

Mercury Trine MC:

Self expression is easy for you since you have great interest in everything and everyone around you. You communicate well with those in authority, and you write well on subjects that pertain to your profession. There are intellectual endeavors in your home, and you want to share your intellectual interests with your family. There is an ease and flow in your conversational ability. Your work habits draw others to you. You seem to know and understand what motivates others, so your advice is sought.

Mars Trine MC:

With a gift of gab you can talk yourself into or out of almost any situation. You state your ideas very positively. You can be easy to get along with as long as people understand your enthusiastic approach to life. You’re independent and capable of a prodigious amount of effort. You throw yourself into your efforts with much enthusiasm. You’re strong-willed with much organizing ability. Others usually accept your leadership.


The MC and the IC are the parental axis. Aries on the IC means that one parent is described by the Libra MC and the other by the Aries IC. These signs do not necessarily describe the parents so much as your perceptions of your parents. Thus, your perceptions may be very different from those of a brother or sister with the same parents. Like the natural sign of this cusp, Cancer, the 4th house cusp (Imum Coeli or IC), represents nurturing, security, and your base of operations. Security usually comes from the nurturing parent, whether this is the father, mother, or other caregiver. In a broader sense it represents protections such as police, military personnel, or fortifications. It shows whether or not you have a base of operations you can count on and a place where you feel secure. It describes the actual home or dwelling where you live. In addition it represents conditions in the last yeas of your life. The sign, ruler, and aspects to the ruler as well as planets in the house describe these conditions in your life.

IC in Capricorm

You are a disciplinarian and household organizer. Your home may be conservative or  somewhat austere. You have much work and responsibility in the home.

Your Capricorn parent is seen as a traditional parent. Usually there is a strong link with the mother when Capricorn is on this cusp. Also, there is great pride in ancestry. You may have had a rather rigid upbringing or you cling to the family home too long. Although you may become a pillar of your community, you tend to feel lonely at times. Planets in the fourth or aspects to your Saturn may modify all of this. If Saturn is afflicted the negative Saturn traits manifest which are usually based on fear. You or a parent could be overly status-seeking, inhibited, or harsh.

You see the home as a place where you can develop into being “somebody.”  You must have some accomplishment to point to or property to look after. You use your intuition to develop economic security. Laws, rules, and orders are important to you. You have a great capacity for hard work in your home. You want your household to be managed with perfect precision.

Your later years may be secure but could be austere. It is necessary for you, more than most,  to provide for your retirement. You may be long-lived and you do not want to become dependent on others.


Since you are represented by the ascendant, the descendant or 7th house cusp describes others you attract into your life. This includes your spouse or the person who is most important to you with whom you operate as an equal as well as others in general. Open enemies and opponents are shown here too. The descendant is a reflection of who you are. i.e. An aggressive or self-centered Aries ascendant attracts a  Libra type who is a more easy-going other-centered person;  a Leo ascendant person being too personal attracts an Aquarian type who is impersonal. Each ascendant type attracts its opposite sign and often projects his own needs on this person. In conflicts such as court actions, power struggles, or war, the descendant describes the nature of the opponent. Libra, the natural ruler of the 7th, seeks balance and harmony even if he has to fight to get it. The descendant sign, ruler, aspects to the ruler, and planets in the 7th if there are any describe contracts and public relations.

Desc in Aries

Since Libra is your ascendant, you are aggressive in motivating others to do what you want without their knowing it. Your partner must maintain a high level of activity if he wants peace. You can persuade by being so sweet to others that they do not even know what accounts for your actions. When your sense of justice is outraged, you can fight to the death. Many war leaders had Libra ascendants such as Hitler ad Mussolini. In relationships you must learn to adjust, but if the others do not also do so, there is war. Aries on this cusp brings on strife and difficulty in relationships. This position is especially difficult for women since there is a tendency toward being dominated and passive on their part. Libra can stir up a storm where others are concerned.

You attract a partner who takes initiator when you do not. Other’s reactions to you lack harmony since your Mars 7th is in a Venus house where it is not at home. For women this is almost like a role reversal with you goading your partner to take the masculine role at times. You have a strong urge to take action in a social context. Your partner’s direct actions are limited by his or her need for approval and cooperation from others. You seek aggressive, energetic partners who help you achieve being noticed and appreciated. You have a tendency to confuse your own desires and ambitions with others. Positively, the Libra/Venus influence can lend grace and refinement to the partner.


The Moon’s nodes move at a rate of about 3′ per day making them very useful in natal, progressed, solar arc, and transit charts. There is an electromagnetic disturbance when the Moon crosses the ecliptic. Unlike the planets, the Nodes in themselves are not energies although they are based on the Moon. They operate in a polarity, the North Node and the South Node. They are representative of the disturbing nature of changes. Since the Nodes always oppose each other, there is a quality of finality in its interpretation. If the North Node is stronger (i.e. a conjunction of the North Node and an opposition to the South Node, or a quincunx to the North Node and a semi-sextile to the South Node) these disturbances show changes to be more open and expansive according to the Jupiterian nature of the North Node. If the stronger aspect is to the South Node, the opposite indicates that the disturbances may be just as severe but will be less public in its manifestation giving a more Saturnian nature. This is not to say that one is better than the other. Some benefit comes from any change, no matter how disturbed the normal conditions of life may be during the time of flux.

The Nodes have much to do with relating – how we relate to new people, conditions, or any change from the normal. We find them activated when people enter or leave the life, new jobs or work relationships either entering or leaving the life, or new neighbors or friends who enter or leave.

There’s a karmic aspect to the Nodes. We have already experienced and developed the nature of the South Node, so this is the more comfortable placement. The North Node shows an area where we get our greatest growth and development, but these changes are not as comfortable because they represent new relationships or experiences.

North Node in Gemini, South Node in Sagittarius

Many lifetimes of feeling personal freedom and developing wisdom has left you with a need to attain specific facts and information. You may be afraid of committing yourself to specific ideas and concepts that are not comfortable to you. Your past sense of bachelorhood must now lead you to interact with humanity in relationships. You tend to be a free spirit avoiding ties and commitments at great cost. You’re idealistic and often refuse to conform to society’s expectations which you consider irrational. Possibly you’ve lived in a rural environment in past lives and now you gain your greatest growth in a cosmopolitan one. This requires work on your part. You could rush about trying to have many tasks and interests going at once.

Develop personal goals that you can live with, and apply your energies toward achievement of those goals. Balance your interests in physical adventures, such as sports and the outdoor, with cultural adventures, such as communication and diplomatic self-expression. Education is one way of developing the positive Gemini qualities you need. In relationships you seek a partner who is intellectual and witty. You grow by developing your ability to exchange ideas with your partner and others so that your communication skills increase. You may want to teach, but listen to what others lave to say without imposing your own dogmas. You may fear losing the freedom of past lives to interact with others. Your past sense of bachelorhood must now lead you to interact with humanity in relationships.

North Node in 9th House, South Node in 3rd House:

You have to use your wisdom and philosophies to cope with modern life. It is difficult for you to communicate your problems. Uncommon thinking is noticed in people with this. You get knowledge from foreign cultures. You must be ethical and have faith. Your attention span is short so you must not get bogged down with details. You share your philosophy with a parent with open communication.

Formal education adds greatly to your growth. Since you see both sides of an issue, you could have trouble making up your mind. By understanding both sides of an issue you may seek truth and commit yourself to a side you believe in. A balance is needed between learning for its own sake and the need to gain wisdom through understanding and knowledge. You can appear superficial or flighty. Avoid saying just what people want to hear and believe in your own wisdom. When you act with courage, you free yourself from the inner turmoil of doubt and too much logic. You must have faith to know who you are and what you believe. You may not please everyone this way, but you will become more satisfied with yourself.

North Node Sextile Moon:

You know how and when to handle the day-to-day events and the small matters in a way that is harmonious with present-day society. Your family background may be helpful for you. Your socially acceptable habit patterns and emotional expression make you popular.

North Node Quincunx Mercury:

You adjust to changes in your mental world and the way you express yourself. Sometimes this pertains to new interests or information. Until the changes are made, you can feel blocked and frustrated. A misunderstanding may not become clear for a long time.

North Node Quincunx Mars:

New people in your life could bring life-changing activities. Though welcome, there is a physical strain that you must deal with. Your habits, actions, and attitudes change out of necessity. Strife can be overcome by compromise or adjustment to the desires of other people.

North Node Trine Neptune:

You are attuned to the traditions, thinking, and feeling of your world.. You are in step with the times and gain success and popularity through this ability. You know instinctively how to benefit from those around you. Your sensitivity is an asset.

North Node Sextile Pluto:

You have a special ability to transform social trends, customs, events, and institutions. You are aware of the forces behind these social institutions and cultural attitudes and know how to manipulate the hopes and fears of society.