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Jean Luo is a graduate student of Maitreya (www.maitreya.co) and his channel Margaret McElroy. She has been working and trained by Margaret/Maitreya in the past 13 years. Maitreya’s teachings are simple and practical – to be true and honest to yourself and become your own master of your life. Through practicing Margaret/Maitreya’s teaching essences, her life has been completely transformed and she has changed to be a better person. She has found her true passion in service to Spirit and humanity. Her true passion is assisting souls who are searching for answers about who they are, their life purpose and who are asking for help to make a better and happier life. She often refers to the teachings of Maitreya as “Wisdom for Today, Answers for Tomorrow”. Jean does in depth astrological reading and medical astrology reading. She also does past life regression, color reading and healing. Jean conducts her spiritual guidance utilizing astrology, past life regression, color healing, emotion code healing and flower essence healing to help people release their blocked energy and to assist them to move on with their life with better understanding. Jean teaches meditation, mediumistic course, color and healing, metaphysics, astrology, and one-on-one private study. For more information, please visit www.maitreya.co. To contact Jean, email her at info@maitreya.co Along with Margaret’s husband Alan McElroy, Jean co-manages the Maitreya Teaching, Healing and Educational Network. Maitreya.co is a worldwide organization of practitioners and healers based on the channeled information from the Ascended Master Maitreya through his channel Margaret McElroy.

What Is Ascension Really About?

What Is Ascension Really About? by Jean Luo The earth plane is going through a great change, so is Mankind on the Earth plane. This change has been taking place since the early 70’s of the last century with the discovery of The Photon Energy and Asteroid Chiron, and this change is becoming more [...]

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The Role of Coronavirus in Our Life

The Role of Corona Virus in Our Life by Jean Luo Whoever foresaw that a small Virus which we named ‘Covid-19’ would rock the whole human world with such an overwhelming force?! Who could have imagined that a small Virus would reshape our human world on the Earth Plane forever?! Unfortunately, no one could [...]

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Embrace the Change

Embrace the Change by Jean Luo At this moment of time, with the assistance of the Coronavirus outbreak, the Universe is bringing radical change to humanity on the earth plane. The Coronavirus outbreak has spread to the whole world; so far, more than 800,000 people have contracted the virus, and 39,000 people have died [...]

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A Perspective about Coronavirus Outbreak

coronavirus,3d render A Perspective about Coronavirus Outbreak by Jean Luo The year 2020 is the Beginning of a new decade. Even though it has just begun, we have already experienced a Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on January 10th, indicating some event was going to happen in some way to shakeup those structures [...]

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Coping with the Emotional Turmoil

Coping with the Emotional Turmoil by Jean Luo I thought that I had dealt with my Chiron wound of self-doubt, self-worth and insecurity in my 50’s during my Chiron Return and over the past decade. But when we entered the beginning of new decade, the energy of the January Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, transit [...]

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New Year And New Beginning

New Year And New Beginning In a twinkling of an eye, 2019 is over and 2020 is here! As always, the Universe is continually utilizing the Photon Energy and the planetary movements to push humanity forward to a higher vibration and higher consciousness collectively and individually. It is no accident that the planets Saturn [...]

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Metaphysics – The Key to Unlock the Myth of Life

Metaphysics – the Key to Unlock the Myth of Life In the physical world, we humans see everything physically. We logically and habitually live our lives according to our five senses – seeing, smelling, tasting, touching and hearing. We often evaluate the quality of our lives based on what we have on a physical [...]

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Healing Power of Letting Go

Healing Power of Letting Go It never ceases to amaze me how the trapped energy within ourselves can ultimately control us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. If we are aware of the energy that surrounds us and is within us, and collaborate with it, our life will certainly become much easier as we are [...]

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Conditioning After more than 15 years with my spiritual development on the metaphysical level, I have come to believe that we are here on the Earth plane to attend the school of life with three major tasks: working out our outstanding karmic debt; working through our past life energy from our own deep subconscious, [...]

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Teaching Master of Metaphysics Course in China

Teaching Master of Metaphysics Course in China Last month Alan and I were in China for two weeks to teach a 5-day Master of Metaphysics Beginner Course. This was the first time that we taught it to a group, and in China. Back in 2009, after I went back to visit my hometown in [...]

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Who Am I?

Who Am I? Over the years, I have been asked on many occasions, “Can you tell me who I am?" by my clients. Honestly, in the beginning, I did not know how to answer this question, but it did make me think. "Who am I?" When one starts to ask such a question, one [...]

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