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TV for Past Life Exploration

One of the easiest ways to explore your own past life dynamics from the privacy of your own home is through the TV screen. In working with others to help them break their past life patterns, one of the questions that comes up is how someone can facilitate this work at home on their [...]

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The Year I Gave Up Reading Books

For many years of my life I was a veracious reader, spending entire weekends lost in the pages of a good book. I would read fiction and non-fiction books, moving from one to the next. One year around Christmastime, my boyfriend asked me if I could remember the details from a certain book about [...]

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Gaining Independence from the Self

As we near Independence Day (The 4th of July) here in the US, I like to think of it as a time of reflection. Sure there are celebrations of fireworks and summer picnics, but also the holiday is about celebrating the freedom to be oneself. Yet, in our society today this is still not [...]

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So You Want to Be a Channel?

Many people often to express to me their desire to be a channel for Spirit, but often they don’t feel that they are worthy enough to fulfill the task. Being a channel is not about becoming more Holy, spiritual, or Godly; it is about learning to move the Self part of you aside and [...]

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Moving Forward in Vibration

One of the questions I am asked on a regular basis is, "How can I move forward in vibration?" My answer is; become aware of all pieces of who you are. Awareness is one part observation, one part honesty and one part willingness to change. For, it is through awareness that we are able [...]

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The Daily Exercise of Surrender

Progressing on your spiritual path is a daily exercise. There is not one day that does not matter, and yet at the same time each day brings its own challenges, choices and experiences. Everything you do is spiritual; that may be a scary statement to some, but only if you are judging what you [...]

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Hidden Pride

Pride is one the least noticed emotions that the Self uses over us. Many people are aware of the expression of pride that comes from boastful behavior, or self-righteousness. But, one part of pride that alludes most people is the hidden pride of understating oneself. By the age of 13, I was very shy, [...]

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The Unknown

One of the learning points that keeps coming up for me is being comfortable with the Unknown. This is not always the easiest situation to deal with, but I am finding that the more I am in the space of the unknown, the easier it is to handle. You see, back before I began [...]

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Assumptions and Anger

One of the things many people struggle with on their spiritual path is making assumptions. One thing that my assumptions have taught me is how they are a window into past life energy that I need to release. Whenever you are a making an assumption about a person or a situation, you are actually [...]

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