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Thoughts and Past Life Energy

When I walked into what was the Margaret M Center for Intuitive Development in Issaquah years ago, I knew my life was going to be different from that moment on. Something about the energy there beckoned and made me feel at home. An instant connection of some sort was felt. No matter what, I [...]

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The New Year

As I write this I am taken back to the past year in review. Humanity has been through so much in the last 12 months. Our nation has endured the most emotionally exhausting election I can remember. No matter what side you were on, there was so much emotionally charged energy in the air, [...]

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The Empath

Have you ever expressed an intense emotional response to something then wondered why? Or how about being in a crowd of people then suddenly becoming overwhelmed by anxiety or feelings not of your own? Does your heart ache with compassion over traumatic or violent events? Do you have an uncanny ability to discern if [...]

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Energetic Shifts

Lately there have been many of my spiritual friends that have been experiencing phenomenon that perplexes even the most aware person. Now I’m not saying that I’m one of those seasoned awakened people. Far from it. And to this day, I experience what I call “energetic growing pains.” For the last week I’ve been [...]

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Being an Empath

Much of my life was spent totally unaware of the empathic gift I was endowed with. Growing up, I’d watch certain relatives tear up for seemingly no reason and wonder if they were losing their grip on reality. It wasn’t until later in my mid-forties that I actually began to do the same. The [...]

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Grounding, Clearing and Shielding

Have you ever had times when you suddenly and without warning felt as though you had taken on extra energetic junk? It can hit you like a ton of bricks. Well I know this feeling very well. Having worked in the medical field for almost twenty years and promoted to a management position, it [...]

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My Afternoon with Maitreya

I’d been wandering aimlessly through my years on this earth searching for my life’s purpose until I stumbled upon Margaret McElroy and her spiritual center. As a student of Maitreya, not only did I receive assistance but also was informed of the direction in which to begin my journey. Once my drawing abilities expanded [...]

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