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In spirituality, there are two basic kinds of duality (or illusion) we could transcend: the subject-object duality (or illusion of inside-outside separateness) the superior-inferior / good-bad / right-wrong duality (or illusion of inequality) Both of these illusions in turn arise from the illusion of differentiation, which is the mother of all illusions beginning when the [...]

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Returning To The Absolute

When our stock investments go up, we are happy. When our health improves, we are happy. When our love relationships are smooth, we are happy. When somebody says something nice about us, we are happy. When the reverse happens, we become unhappy. When good things (or what we perceive to be good things) happen [...]

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Being Ourselves

Being ourselves is as important as changing ourselves. In fact, these are not two different modes of being. When we seek to change and improve ourselves, our purpose is to change from being our lower self to being our higher self, from being our small self to being our big self and then our [...]

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