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Maitreya Quote on How to Build A New Society

"Humanity can build the bricks of a new society, one that has no differences, no concern over another's beliefs, and acceptance of all souls no matter what they choose to do. When this happens, you will see anger, frustration, and fear disappear." ~ Maitreya

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Why Do we Incarnate on Earth?

Listen to Maitreya as he explains why we need to come to Earth for our soul's learning. Transcript: Question: Why do we come to Earth to go through the incarnation process? Maitreya: Because it is the only place where the self resides. The self was originally the survivor instinct in humanity. In [...]

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Maitreya Speaks – Compassion

Compassion How many of you have true compassion, true understanding of another's issues? So many of you when you meet someone who has issues or problems, want so much to give advice or to comment on those issues. There is always something you can find wrong or do not like, very rarely can you [...]

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