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Wisdom Card #84 – Truth

Wisdom Card #84 - Truth What is Truth? The word, “truth,” can have a different meaning for each person. To be truthful means not to tell a lie. Yet, what is a lie? A lie to one person can be another person’s truth. This may sound like a puzzle, but it raises quite an [...]

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The Art of Compromise

The Art of Compromise by Jean Luo Since the transiting South Node changed signs to Libra and North Node to Aries on July 17th, 2023, and it will stay with us until January 2025, the karmic lessons around relationships are being brought to the forefront in our daily life. The South Node in Libra [...]

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Maitreya Quote on the Cause of Incarnation

"While you have unresolved past life issues, while you have fear, doubt, anxiety, jealousy, anger, unhappiness and dis-ease in your life, you will not be happy, and this will be the cause of another incarnation." ~ Maitreya

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The Photon Energy

Over the years humanity has learned to segregate itself based on fear, and the Photon Energy is designed to raise the vibration of humanity and the Earth plane. Transcript: Question: What is the Photon Energy? Maitreya: It is an energy designed to raise vibration of the Earth plane. Over the Earth years, [...]

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