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Fear is an Illusion

Fear stops you from moving forward in your life. Fear is simply an illusion, a fabrication of the Self. Video Transcript: Alan: Fear is an illusion, face it and it ceases to be. Face your fears and allow the happiness and joy into your life that you’re rightfully deserve. Maitreya: Fear is [...]

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Maitreya Speaks – The Christ Soul

The Christ Soul Many ask, “How can I become a perfected being?” I say to you, strive for perfection yet know that, while on this earth plane, perfection is difficult to attain. This is because you are limited by the lessons you have yet to learn as indicated by your astrological patterning. All of [...]

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday

"MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY HOLIDAY TO EVERYONE NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE IN THE WORLD! May the light of Divine Spirit guide you, lead you and bless you! May we all live in peace and harmony regardless our beliefs, races, likes, and dislikes. May we all respect and accept each other’s differences. We are ONE!" ~ Team Maitreya

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