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Maitreya Wisdom Card #37 – Gratitude

Wisdom Card #37 - Gratitude Life on the Earth plane is created for a soul’s learning experience. Soul growth is achieved through the lessons the soul has chosen to learn in this incarnation. As the soul begins its spiritual development, life, at times, seems to become very hard when the karma, past life energy [...]

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Discernment about Spiritual Teachers

Maitreya explains how someone, even a spiritual teacher, is not allowed to tell others what to do. Video Transcript: Question: Can you speak about the practice of spiritual teachers telling other people what to do? Maitreya: This is a very difficult thing because a lot of teachers insist you do what they [...]

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Maitreya Speaks – How to Be Truly Spiritual

How to Be Truly Spiritual One cannot be truly spiritual if one has one grain of anger, fear, doubt, envy, or other negative emotions. Yes, one can say “I am spiritual” but, if you have any negative thinking toward another soul or a situation, then you cannot be spiritual in the truest sense of [...]

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