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The Purpose of the Soul

I was asked the other day why there are no books written on spiritual development. There are books in the world today on this subject, but many of the books are not read because the Self will do its best to stop you from reading them. The purpose of the soul on the Earth plane [...]

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Being Spiritual

I recently received a question about spirituality. What does being spiritual mean? It means one is searching, or has searched and found the higher knowledge. It can represent all classes of faith, from orthodox religion to those who do not belong to a faith at all. In addition, being spiritual means that you are searching [...]

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World Change

You have to remember that if you have no fear, nothing can harm you or touch you, for all is an illusion after all! Once you let go of the fear of something happening, it ceases to be in YOUR energy.

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First of all, many of you limit your thinking. You say over and over, “I will never have enough money” or other such negative statements. By saying those words and affirming them, you are creating them.

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You are all mirrors for each other. What you see in another that you do not like or which annoys you is what you need to look at within yourself. It is an aspect of yourself which is being brought to your attention.

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Only when you can learn of your life path through astrology can you start to work to attain higher levels of awareness. In your natal chart are all the answers to your very being,

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The Purpose of Life

The purpose of life is to grow in Spirit. Life is a school, an education. All those who come into your life are the teachers. Every soul acts as a mirror for you. Every soul is a teacher.

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Once you accept your own truth and acknowledge another person’s as their own – without argument or dissension – then you become enlightened.

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Exchange Of Energy

One big lesson to learn is exchanging energy for services rendered. For so many on the path of awakening, the thought of paying for a service connected with us in the spiritual world is looked upon with surprise and resentment.

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The Emotional Body

The whole purpose of your spiritual path is to let go of and move on from the emotional body. It is the emotional body which the Self hangs on to, holding on to the fear, doubt, jealousy, anger, greed etc.

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Past Life Energy

During your incarnation, many of you will meet with those you have been with before. For some of you, the feelings and emotions will be so overwhelming that you believe you are in love.

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The Illusion of the Self

The Self sees itself as perfect. It will argue with you to preserve its own truth. It can never see a positive outcome of any situation!

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