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Is Everyone Capable of Communicating with Those on the Other Side?

Maitreya comments on how fear can prevent spiritual communication from taking place. If the fear is removed, everyone can participate in this communication. Video Transcription: Question: Is everyone capable of communicating with those on the other side? Maitreya: Yes, however if one has fear. You know my channel, regularly saw things as [...]

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The Colors You Wear

Every color in your life can affect not only how you look, but also how you feel. Color is very important in your life, communicating another message about yourself. Video Transcription: Question: Maitreya, do the colors I wear affect how I feel? Maitreya: Definitely! You know that those who write in to [...]

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The Photon Energy

Over the years humanity has learned to segregate itself based on fear, and the Photon Energy is designed to raise the vibration of humanity and the Earth plane. Transcript: Question: What is the Photon Energy? Maitreya: It is an energy designed to raise vibration of the Earth plane. Over the Earth years, [...]

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Working through Lessons

Maitreya answers a question about if it is possible to work through a issue with someone, even if they are not in your life anymore. Video Transcription: Question: Is that possible to work through an issue when you are no longer in communication with that person? Maitreya: Yes it is. It [...]

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Communication in the World of Spirit

When asked how communication works in the World of the Ascended Masters, Maitreya describes how messages are passed by thought. Video Transcription: Question: How do you communicate in your world? Do you use language? Maitreya: No, you have no voice, you do it via thought. For instance if you send out a [...]

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