Your Self

This is a channeled video message from Maitreya titled "Your Self". Transcript: Maitreya: Good day to you or evening, wherever you may be in the world. Your lives are ruled in a way by your daily self. Many of you know that you have a self and a higher self, and such [...]

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The Energy of Animals

Maitreya discusses the healing capabilities of animals, and how the incarnation process from animal to human works. Transcript: Question: Do animals have healing capabilities? Maitreya: Oh yes. Animals have the most beautiful energy for healing. They are very powerful with their energy. My channel has a cat, who when she is way [...]

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What Happens After Death?

Maitreya explains the process of what happens to the Soul when the body dies. Transcript: Question: Maitreya, what happens immediately after I die, let's just assume I just died from heart attack, what happens immediately afterwards? Maitreya: First of all, it depends how you look at it, because there are two ways [...]

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Can You Explain Why Some Souls are Trapped on the Earth Plane?

Maitreya discusses why some souls in certain situation could stay attached to the Earth plane after their death. Transcript: Question: Can you explain how a soul can become trapped on the Earth plane? Maitreya: What do you mean by that? Question: Some souls are stuck and unable to move on after the [...]

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Discovering Your Life Plan

Learn about your unique life plan by getting an Astrology reading and discovering your lessons, purpose and past life energy. Get a computer generated natal chart with life path report at or get an one-on-one in-depth consultation with Jean Luo at Transcript: Question: Maitreya, what is an life plan and how [...]

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