The Journey

Each one of us is on a journey, for some it is a public journey with all the pitfalls that public life brings. For others it is a quiet life, unobtrusive and private, but not without its moments of pain, sadness, sorrow and heartache along with many other emotions. Rarely, does someone go from [...]

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Sex and Sexual Energy!

In a lot of cases, when I mention sex or sexual energy to a client, that word evokes a great deal of energy, usually their faces turn red, their aura becomes very unbalanced, they often cannot look at me direct and look to the floor, or to the side, anything but engage me directly. It [...]

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Solar Returns

We are often told we are the creators of our own reality, this means we can choose the situations in our lives and have control over them. Many do not know though that each year, we can choose our future, and create our own reality. It is done through a solar return report. Not [...]

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It never ceases to amaze me how many people get upset because they cannot do spiritual work as a career. I must say I have been very lucky, not only was I born with the ability to be very intuitive, but also my career began with my becoming a magazine clairvoyant for the most popular [...]

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Many people are under the impression that our lives are fated and we cannot change them; but we can change them! Yes, we choose our lives before we are born and many people find this hard to understand; over the years I have heard so many people say “but why would I choose my mother/father?” [...]

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The Journey

It does not seem a minute since it was the year 2000 and everyone was forecasting the end of strife and wars etc., it was supposed to be the beginning of a peaceful time. Fourteen years later, nothing has changed except more people have become interested in the metaphysical world (spirit world) and more [...]

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We have just made our donation to St. Jude's hospital; we made a decision this year to donate the money we would have spent on gifts to each other to St. Jude's. I wish we could donate more, but at least we made a donation. My granddaughter Jamie-Leigh is now in remission from Leukemia, and [...]

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Christmas Memories

Each year when Christmas comes around, it brings very poignant memories of my childhood when the festive season comes around. For me, Christmas began at the end of November when my mother would make a traditional English Christmas cake. This was a cake filled with mixed fruit and very rich in taste. It took almost [...]

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Following your own promptings

When I became spiritual, I honestly believed I needed to be "pure" inside and out, and so on the prompting of friends, I looked for organic food, natural make up, preferably organically made, and really tried hard to be as "spiritual" as I could. When Maitreya came into my life in 1992, I was [...]

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I am a sucker for Christmas movies; here in the USA beginning early in November, they begin showing Christmas movies on a certain channel. They are wonderful movies, all with a happy ending. I sit there enthralled watching these movies, and today thought to myself; “why cannot life be this way all of the time, [...]

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