In the very beginning of my work with Maitreya, he told me not to wait for things, to buy things, visit people, take a holiday etc. I was a woman who would always be looking for the next ‘deal’ I would have an item in mind, but was always waiting for the next better model; [...]

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How Eating Meat Can Assist You

I was once decried by a so called spiritual guru because I ate meat! “We do not eat our friends” was his mantra! It was a small gathering I attended and at one stage the guru insulted a man and his wife for eating meat and called them some terrible names. His message was [...]

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Understand Your Chiron

I never paid much attention to Eclipses until this year (2014) they came and went without incident for me; they never bothered me and I never bothered about them! That is until March 2014 when my friend and associate Jean Luo told me that the coming Lunar eclipse in Libra on April 15th, would hit [...]

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We have no idea of how the energy we use can affect us! I recently visited the house of friends; I had been there twice before, and each time I went home with a headache! Wondering why I had a headache each time I visited, I was shown  their house and the negative energy in [...]

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Holiday Season Memories

I cannot believe we are into the month of October already and the shops are selling Christmas tree's already! Yet before we know it, it will be upon us; and we will be saying "Gosh it came upon us so fast!" I am not a Christian, so do not celebrate the Christian holiday, but I [...]

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Living in a High Rate of Vibration

Someone wrote and asked me what it felt like to be on a higher vibration? The person who asked the question mentioned she would like to experience it. At one time in my life I was just like her, a soul on a spiritual search for MY truth. As I worked at letting go [...]

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Embrace Your Uniqueness

The news these days is filled with terrible predictions, terrible warnings and a whole load of negative information. To be honest, I really find it hard to read newspapers or even watch the news on TV; it is something I find harder and harder to do! It is very easy to get involved in the [...]

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Returning to the USA

This month, Alan and I return to the USA. We spent the last 14 months living in India. As usual, just as they did with me in 1995, when I went to the USA expecting one thing, and I got the complete opposite to what I expected. Spirit did not say anything to us, [...]

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Many of us have no idea when we meet someone we do not like, and perhaps who we are critical and judgmental about, they are there to mirror something we cannot see in ourselves. In 2001, I had just moved into a new house, ironically, bought with the gift of money a Japanese client had [...]

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The Power of Past Life Energy

After years without having health problems, I found myself in June visiting a hospital to have a large cyst removed on my left arm. 12 years ago it came up again, and although it was removed and I had a small stitch, the doctor never removed the actual core of the cyst, and it [...]

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