Josie Mitchell ~ United Kingdom

I first met Margaret when I attended the Beginners Course in Frankfurt In July 2002,. I found her to be an open, honest teacher and not afraid to reveal to us her difficult path through life. I was so impressed with Margaret/Maitreya's teachings that I attended the next course in Brisbane in January 2003 and [...]

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Karen Dossett ~ WA, USA

Remembering I first met Margaret in 2005 when my husband and I went to a channeling in Tacoma, WA. It was the beginning of many opportunities to grow and step out of my comfort zone. Soon the Maitreya center moved to Redmond, WA and, in 2007, I signed up for the beginning Mediumistic class. The [...]

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Karen Downing ~ WA, USA

Margaret’s passing touched me deeply, and her time on the Earth plane touched me even more. I would not be where I am in my life today with the guidance, compassion and teaching of Margaret McElroy. There are so many memories that I could choose from, and it has been one big amazing journey. I [...]

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Laurie Regan ~ WA, USA

This past month the spiritual community lost a very special lady, Margaret McElroy. Margaret devoted most of her life to metaphysical learning and teaching. Those who knew her are now dealing with an emptiness in their hearts that may never fully go away. We rest in the fact that she is back Home now and [...]

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Linda Reynisdóttir ~ Iceland

Thank you Margaret : For your service to others, for channeling Matreya's wisdom, for being a friend, for being a teacher to me, for being there when I needed instruction on my spiritual journey, for your laughter, for your time, for your naughty naughty humor, for sharing personal story's from your life both the hard [...]

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Linda Rowland ~ CO, USA

Margaret (and Alan) quietly slipped into my life during a “5 Evenings with Extraordinary People” presentation several years ago. Before Margaret began speaking, she gazed at my corner of the auditorium for a long time and I knew it would be an evening to remember. I was drawn into the energy and their words and [...]

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Linda Zeppa ~ Canada

Here are a few things that I learned from Margaret. The descriptions are brief, for some things are difficult to put into words and many were mere baby steps that pushed me out to seek and discover on my own. 1) Laugh and have fun. Laugh at yourself; laugh at the world; laugh with others; [...]

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Louise Ashcroft ~ United Kingdom

I was brought up a "C"atholic and whilst I always just knew there was a God and a heaven I was left searching. In 2004 the subjects of metaphysics, reincarnation etc. kept crossing my path in the form of tv programmes, people, books, websites etc. Then in 2007 I read about the 'Ascended Masters' - [...]

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Makachi Chimusaru ~ Canada

After having come a long way struggling with challenges in my life path the last straw was when my dear wife crossed over to the other side back in 2008. I felt like a huge wall had just dropped in front of my path and I had nowhere to turn. That experience was my awakening [...]

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Margo Renay Sullivan ~ United Kingdom

Upon Margaret's passing on July 13, I wish to honor and send a huge heart hug and appreciation to her. Margaret McElroy Fan Page is the authentic One that engaged the entire brotherhood and kept Spirit very simple yet she never ceased to keep learning and then sharing it . She advanced in this life [...]

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Mike Coats ~ OK, USA

In about 2007 or 2008, I felt something and I needed to know about what is my life purpose and I started to research the Internet for answers and I came across Maitreya/Margaret who resonated within my heart. They have changed my life for the better because they helped me to look at my self, [...]

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Natalija Pavlaković ~ Croatia

My dear Margaret, With this tribute I wish to express my deepest gratitude to you my dearest teacher and friend. I will miss your physical presence very much. It is a bit selfish, I know, because you were ALWAYS there for me, from the first day of our encounter and it’s been almost 15 years. [...]

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Robert Hamaker ~ CA, USA

I found Margaret McElroy in the early 2000’s while doing searches for Maitreya on the Internet. I had been interested in Maitreya since I was a teenager. I had run across others’ channeling Maitreya’s message over the years, but once I found Margaret I didn’t need to look any further. After that I could not [...]

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Sharon Hoffman ~ United Kingdom

I went to India in 2014 and did a course with Margaret. It was an amazing time and powerful energy was channeled. Before the course my life was like a disaster movie, I went from one disaster to the next and there seemed no way out. I was terrified of going to India to do [...]

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Sreepallavi Thota ~ MD, USA

Dear Margaret, Before I met you, I felt like the universe closed the doors for me. My inner child is in dire conditions and as if I have nothing to live for. I couldn't convince a child that I longed for years. Then, your reading changed my life! The information you gave was so precise [...]

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