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Card #19 – Death

Maitreya Wisdom Card #19 - Death There is no death on the soul level. Death only happens to the physical body when the soul has finished their learning in each incarnation. Each human being on the Earth plane is a student who is attending school, to learn from life’s many experiences. Each life is [...]

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Cards #12 – Comparison

Maitreya Wisdom Card #12 - Comparison Comparison is a judgment, based on a belief of good versus bad, or right versus wrong. Comparison is a form of conditioning, and comes from feelings of low self-esteem, unworthiness and believing that you are not good enough. When you base the value of yourself on others' opinions [...]

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Card #43 -Intuition

Maitreya Wisdom Card #43 - Intuition Every individual on the Earth plane has intuition. It is an inner knowing, a feeling which just comes without any logical thinking. Intuition is felt very strongly within your heart, as it connects to your heart, and it connects you to the world of Spirit. It is like [...]

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Card #76 – Surrender

Maitreya Wisdom Card #76 - Surrender To surrender requires you to have total trust and faith in Spirit and in the Universe. It requires you to leave the Self behind, and to allow the Universe to lead and guide you, step-by-step along the way of your life path. True surrender requires you to have [...]

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Card #78 – The Creator

Maitreya Wisdom Card #78 - The Creator Before each soul incarnates on the Earth plane, they choose the many different opportunities for their learning in order to achieve soul growth. Your soul’s purpose is to be the creator of your own reality and to become the master of your own destiny. Every soul is [...]

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Card #49 – Life Lessons

Maitreya Wisdom Card #49 - Life Lessons Learning lessons is one of the key components of soul evolution. Soul growth is attained through learning your life lessons. What is a life lesson? A life lesson is where you choose to learn a specific topic, such as, patience, humility, detachment, speaking your truth, letting go [...]

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Card #88 – You Are Never Alone

Maitreya Wisdom Card #88 - You Are Never Alone Do you realize you are never alone? From the moment you are born, you have a group of souls in Spirit who watch over you and assist you in your daily life. These souls speak to you through your intuition, but often you do not [...]

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Card #86 – Within

Maitreya Wisdom Card #86 - Within All the answers you are looking for lie within yourself. Being spiritual is not about being holy, religious, and/or denying oneself. Being a spiritual person is about going within and truly looking at who you are.Why are you the way you are? Why do you have abject fear [...]

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