Often you say to yourself, how can I find what my life lessons are? How can I climb the ladder to a higher vibration? This is very easy if you have the keys to the knowledge, because it is connected to spiritual astrology. Only when you can learn of your life path through astrology can you start to work to attain higher levels of awareness.

In your natal chart are all the answers to your very being, to your life lessons and to those lessons you have brought back with you to learn again. You cannot move forward spiritually until you become aware of this. You can become a great healer or psychic with all the knowledge that you can learn, however, if you are not aware of your life lessons, you cannot move to a higher vibration.

Astrology to some is so complicated that they have shied away from it. But with the advent of computers in the world today it is becoming easy to produce information based on the natal chart. It is the life plan, as we call it, that you choose to bring with you. Once you understand the knowledge of astrology then you have the keys to raising your vibration. Every soul has a life plan. Some astrologers do not deal with spiritual astrology, so often valuable information is omitted when you are given a chart. What have you chosen to learn in this incarnation? Find your life lessons and you will find your answers. It is as simple as that.

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