I recently received a question about spirituality. What does being spiritual mean? It means one is searching, or has searched and found the higher knowledge. It can represent all classes of faith, from orthodox religion to those who do not belong to a faith at all.

In addition, being spiritual means that you are searching for the answers for YOUR truth. Each soul on the Earth plane is in their own hologram or their own reality. Despite living in a group environment on the Earth plane, each soul has their own reality and their own truth. The interesting point is that many souls do not want to live their own reality and be in their own truth. Instead, they wish to impinge on someone else’s reality and truth.

You can have collective groups who have a similar truth to yours, and these groups will find a truth similar to theirs in transmitted information, such as the Internet, and in books. But each soul is in their own truth; no soul can have the same truth as another, not even those who are twins or multiple birth people. If only the souls on the Earth plane could comprehend this, live their OWN life, and not interfere in others beliefs, or way of thinking, the world would be a better place to live in.

Recently, one soul of Christian belief chose to express their belief about their religion and made remarks about those who read this web site, including comments on me. This is fine but this soul did not realize they were invading the truth and reality of others. They obviously felt very strongly about what they believed in, but they should have kept to their own belief. One does not get converts by judging others, or by pressing one’s truth onto other souls. Each soul will find their OWN truth if they are allowed to do so. The Universe will lead and guide one to that truth when one is ready. Some are ready at an early age, and some later in life. But each soul will find their own answers when they are ready.

Being spiritual does not mean one has to become a vegetarian, or give up any of the habits one has. These will be let go of when the soul is ready to do so. It may also take some Earth years to do so. It is equally possible that it may never be removed, but it does not matter. The soul is searching for answers, and whether they find the answers or not does not matter. What matters is the fact that they are searching and have started the path upwards to a higher awareness.

Spirituality and being spiritual is also about respecting others – for their beliefs and for who they are, regardless of color, creed, belief and ideologies. There are many who profess to be spiritual but who are not, for they criticize others, judge others, and do not respect others beliefs. The true person on the spiritual path lives their own life, seeks their own truth, and becomes their own master in that truth. Everyone is in their own hologram. Just imagine a world full of huge bubbles, and living within each bubble is an individual soul that is separate from all others. That is what being in a hologram means.

However, for some reason, people are often not happy being this way. They are in fear of what they will see, and so they try to live through the lives of others – their children, friends, co-workers etc. They cannot see what they themselves have come to work through – mainly their own lessons. These souls seem only content when being involved in other people’s lives. I am not writing here about charitable groups; such groups are different. I am referring to individual involvement.

Spirituality and being spiritual is therefore about finding your own truth, and living your own life. Nothing more.

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