You hold such store on the Earth plane with what you call money. It has become your God. You fear it, envy it, desire it, and yet you do not realize it is there for all if only you know the rules to obtain it.

There are many who are on a spiritual path who say, “But to ask for money is not spiritual.” Why is it not spiritual? Should everyone in the world go around like a Buddhist monk with his begging bowl? The Creator gave all of you an abundant supply of energy, however you are not using the energy in the right way and this is why many of you have problems.

First of all, many of you limit your thinking. You say over and over, “I will never have enough money” or other such negative statements. By saying those words and affirming them, you are creating them. Many of you carry around the programming of your parents which has been negative. Your parent’s lack, fear, or concern over money can often become yours.

I have said many times that “A laborer is worthy of his hire.” All humanity is worthy of hire, but many do not know what their worth is. Several earth years ago I informed my channel to place a worth on herself. She was working for very little money. She was not happy doing this and felt she was not being paid what she was worth. She had studied metaphysical subjects for years, had paid out much money for books (which we had led her to) which became teaching tools.

She could not see this aspect of her work. Because she chose to experience criticism and negativity in her early life to help control the ego that for many incarnations had been a problem to her, her father had not made life easy for her. He continually told her she was not worthy, that she was stupid, a thickhead, a blockhead. She did not have a very good opinion of herself. With our help and that of the Masters – plus that of her husband – we were able to finally release her from the feelings of inadequacy and she finally put a worth on herself.

The Creator gave all of you talents. Those talents can be put to use to earn a living for yourselves, yet many of you do not know where those talents lie. You do not even see that you are worthy to have them. For some the image of earning and having a lot of money is abhorrent to them. It speaks of capitalism, greed, and avarice. Yet with money one can put food on the table, pay their accounts, purchase much needed objects, or pay for travel expenses. It is a form of exchange for another’s energy whether that energy is material, mental, or spiritual.

I have said many times to enquirers, “If you have a good income then tithe to something you believe in.” It could be a scholarship for a student who cannot afford it or sponsorship of a child in a country where poverty is great. It may be your favorite charity or just given to someone you feel needs it, but given anonymously. In that way, one keeps the spiritual aspect in the scheme of things.

Do not fear money for it is the essence of all life. Know that all humanity can manifest all they need and more. However, one needs to ask of the Creator, for the creator does not know what you need until you ask. You cannot assume He does. When you have asked you then let it be; you only have to ask once. However, if you are doing this you must have positive thoughts about money. If you continue to say, “I will never have money,” you will create this reality. If you say, “I will have abundance in my life each day,” you will create this also.

No soul should have to live on welfare, on limited means, or to have to live in the streets unless they choose to do so. There is abundance for all. It is just a question of asking and then having the patience to see it manifest. Try it – you will be amazed at what happens.

Stop thinking “poor.” So what if your parents were poor? You do not have to be so! You can have as much abundance in your life as you create each day with your thoughts, feelings and words – your future reality. Start creating a positive one instead of a negative one. Create your own abundance from this day forward.

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