Emotion is an energy. The purpose of your life on the Earth plane is to move out of this energy, to control and distance yourself away from the emotional body. Only by doing this can you then see through the illusion of the Earth plane. This does not mean you are devoid of feeling, but what feeling you have will be in a detached way. You still have love, compassion and all other feelings, but it is without conditions, without manipulation, and without emotional ties.

During your incarnation, many of you will meet with those you have been with before. For some of you, the feelings and emotions will be so overwhelming that you believe you are in love, even though you may be married or living with someone else. The emotions which come to the surface, together with the feelings you have, will defy all you can imagine. Why is this? It is because you are connecting with an unfinished energy. Sometimes, it is enough to tell the person you love them. At other times, you may have to spend time with the person to let the energy wane. For some, the past life soul is destined to become the future partner, which can evoke the most terrible fear within you.

In this incarnation, you are working at releasing old energy. For some, this can also mean letting go of someone who has been in your life for some Earth time. This may also manifest as anger, fear and health problems, but it has been within you for many incarnations, and each one of you will chose the appropriate Earth time to release it. You do this with planetary transits, which assist in triggering all you need to learn from these experiences.

Not only will you be confronted with the energy of these past life souls, but others around you may assist in this process, too. It is not something you often do alone. All those who take part are the actors in your play, and you are the star player. Once you begin to see these people as such, and not as threats to your existence, then and only then can you move on and forward in consciousness. The world has no idea of how important it is to know of past life energy, how important it is to let it go and move forward. The soul often buries itself in the sand, not wanting to see, blaming everything but the energy for the problem.

All emotion is energy. From the moment you think about something it becomes energy! Just imagine that, then imagine not releasing that energy, but keeping it within you to fester and bubble away like a boil or a big sore on your body. I can see some of you expressing disgust at this statement, but this is what happens when you do not express your feelings, do not speak your truth quietly and clearly, and do not deal with past life energy. All unused energy stays within the physical body and in the soul memory. If it is not expressed, it becomes a problem, not only in this life, but often in many incarnations to come. The energy has not been cleared and so it stays there waiting for the opportunity in a future incarnation to do so. You can ask of me, “But Master, why do you allow this, why does the Ultimate Being allow this?” But we do not allow it; it is you, with your fear, doubt and insecurity, who create this situation – nobody else.

Once the issue is faced, the energy is released, but so few are willing to do this. Fear stops them from doing this, with anger and all the other emotions creating the blocks which stop this release from happening. You return home to the next dimension in the spiritual world with the energy still uncleared. When the energy is not cleared, it finds it easy to manifest in the endocrine system and to manifest in the next or a future incarnation as an ailment or health problem. For instance, if the energy to be cleared is in the throat, then it is possible to have health problems in the throat. How does one clear the energy? First of all, one does not run away! One faces the issue and allows the energy to manifest. Once this is done, the energy is dissipated, and one can then move on. Whichever way it manifests, it will cause pain and hurt, for one is letting go of something which has often been deep within the soul for many incarnations. If one does let go and move on, one will be in a state of awareness where the consciousness, the enlightenment of the soul can change, and then and only then can one move up in vibration.

This message is a part of the Essences of Maitreya’s Teachings. Discover many more wonderful messages on the Essences page.