I was asked recently how one can tell what is the Self and what is the Higher Self?

This is not a difficult answer to give; the Self creates illusion. It will have you believing the most preposterous things. It will have you believing you are not the guilty one when you are, and it will reason with you to try and get you to see its point of view. It will even argue with your Higher Self, and if you are not at a higher rate of vibration, your Higher Self will not be able to retaliate with truth.

The Self never thinks of anything but itself. All it can see is its own pain, suffering, difficulty, how hard done by it is, how it is being punished and how people are hurting and creating problems for it. It can see all of the faults of others, but never its own faults!

The Self sees itself as perfect. It will argue with you to preserve its own truth. It can never see a positive outcome of any situation! The list is endless of what the Self will do to reign supreme. And what of the Higher Self, what does that do? It does nothing! Absolutely nothing! It does not have to justify itself because it knows God knows its own truth is correct. It can stand in front of God and know it is telling the truth. It will point out your own faults, but will never point out the faults of others. It sees the suffering one goes through and the difficulties as lessons, which one can learn from. It always has a positive outcome for every situation. It never judges, it sits quietly and lets the world pass by while it deals with issues, which need to be dealt with for its own higher good.

The Self will feed the ego; the Higher Self has no ego. When one gets to the stage of having no ego, of not believing the Self’s publicity machine, one has then raised one’s vibration to a higher level. It is then one can see through the illusion, see the reason as to why things are happening to one. When one has no emotional response to what is happening – for the Self is all emotional response, drama, taking offence etc., then one has truly raised the vibration and one is truly in the Higher Self. At this level, direct communication with the Masters on a higher level becomes possible, and also the beginning of communication with God. One is then truly on a higher vibration. To enable the Higher Self to come in, one needs to do the work necessary to remove the Self, which is to be true and honest to oneself and not to let the Self control through fear, doubt, insecurity, and the emotional body. This is the only way to do it.

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