I have often been asked the purpose of life. The purpose of life is to grow in Spirit. Life is a school, an education. All those who come into your life are the teachers. Every soul acts as a mirror for you. Every soul is a teacher.

From the beginning of your life you choose the conditions you require for your learning. Only you are responsible for what you choose. You then start your path through the grades of school, learning, growing. Many souls complete the learning that they set up for themselves. Others fail while others achieve some of the learning. You are the only person who can help you to achieve this learning.

There is one barrier to your achieving your goal of learning and that is fear. Fear is the worst energy you can have. It will stop you dead in your tracks. It will keep you a slave to your life lessons, stopping you from moving on. The Master Jesus spoke of fear often in his teachings. If you have fear in your life then you have no growth, for the fear will stop you from growing.

Look your fear in the face and see it for what it is, an illusion that you have created, and you will move forward and grow. It is not easy letting go of fear, but once it is faced, it becomes nothing, absolutely nothing! Why not face your fear?

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