I was asked the other day why there are no books written on spiritual development. There are books in the world today on this subject, but many of the books are not read because the Self will do its best to stop you from reading them.

The purpose of the soul on the Earth plane is to grow. The soul has lived many incarnations, and it is working to free itself from attachment, desire, greed – all of the emotional ties which tie many of you to the Earth plane. It is about faith, it is about trust, it is about surrender to a higher power. Yes, it is about letting go of the Self. The Higher Self will always lead you to safety and, may I say, to a better life and better conditions. It does not want you to live in a negative way. It does not control either, but suggests the higher way.

The Higher Self has all the answers, but the Self keeps getting in the way. The purpose of the soul is to conquer the Self so that one may experience the peace and tranquility of total love from the Divine and with all that you need being manifested. There is no struggle, no fear, no desire – just a knowing that all that you need will be there. Often this manifests as more than you desire.

Doing this is not easy and the path is rocky and hard. For those who do it, they will find a wonderful way of life. They also have the knowledge that there are no more incarnations, that their time on the Earth plane is finished.

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