The subject of truth is very interesting because it asks many questions. For instance, “What is Truth?” Just the word, “truth,” can have a different meaning in every dictionary that you have. To be truthful means not to tell a lie, and yet what is a lie? A lie can be one man’s truth. This may sound like a Chinese puzzle but it raises quite an issue that humankind has not considered, and that is the meaning of “truth.”

Each person has their own truth. My channel Margaret’s truth is hers alone and may differ from that of her husband Alan. If this is so, then who is correct? Both are, because they both see truth, but in their own way. It is more important to be honest than to be truthful because when one is honest, one is true to oneself.

Each one of you on the earth plane can look at a picture on a wall, and each one of you will see a different picture than another person. One may see the same picture and may comment that the light in the picture is too intense. Another may comment on the darkness of the shadows or the colors of the oils not being correct. Each of you sees the picture as YOU see it – not as anyone else sees it – and there is the difference.

No human on earth can profess to know the truth because one man’s or woman’s truth can be another’s folly. No one person can be correct at any time because they are correct only as THEY see it, not as another person sees it. If another person agrees with that truth then it is good, but it is not wrong to see something different. If you insist on a person taking your truth, then you impinge on their free will. They have to see the subject for themselves and make their own decisions. The decision may be to not accept your truth. You have become sheep on the Earth plane, not wanting to follow your own truth, but taking others’ truth as your own.

It is our intention with the higher vibration of energy entering the Earth plane to enable you to start becoming your own person, to see your own truth. Even though another may not believe it, it is YOUR truth. When one accepts another’s truth, one then cuts oneself off from the intuitive process and also from one’s OWN truth. When you accept your own truth, then you become the individual that you are supposed to be.

So much argument and war is started over one person insisting on his or her truth! How many times have you caused grief with your friends and family because you insisted on your truth? Why can you not accept that you are all individual vibrations? Each one of you is separate from another. Even identical twins are not the same but have different personalities and vibrations. Once you accept your own truth and acknowledge another’s as their own – without argument or dissension – then you become enlightened because you raise yourself above the sheep. Only by doing this and being detached from another’s truth can one truly change the earth.

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