Each day, my channel receives many emails asking about the world and what is happening in the world. People ask; “Why is there so much terrorism?” “What is going to happen to the world?”

Nothing is going to happen to the world. What is going to happen is that change is taking place, which is shifting the Earth plane to a new plane of existence. What is happening in the world is meant to be. There are no accidents in life, what is happening is that it is bringing change to the world, slowly and surely; the old is being cleared away, and the new being created. Yes, people are dying, and much damage is being done, but the souls involved in this scenario have chosen this as part of their learning, part of their soul path. Remember, there is no death, and souls leave their body before they are killed!

As the Earth plane moves forward, change for the better is taking place despite it looking doom and gloom; it is in fact changing for the better. More and more souls are turning to the light, seeking out answers and learning about metaphysics. There is a desire within humanity for change, and souls are willing to help in that endeavor. It truly is an amazing time.

One has to remember also, that if one has no fear, nothing can harm you or touch you, for all is an illusion after all! Once you let go of the fear of something happening, it ceases to be in YOUR energy. The more you have fear of something happening, the more you will draw it into your energy.

Is there going to be peace on Earth? Yes there is! When will this be? This is an unknown factor because the Earth plane is still in a time of change, but it will happen, it cannot be stopped. It is also open to the choices people make. Even though there may be delays because of those choices, peace will come to the Earth plane. It cannot be avoided. The Photon Belt energy is working very hard to bring about completion of the changes taking place.

If you have a fear of any kind, let it go, do not let it take hold of you. Just know that each one of you is in your own little illusion. YOU are creating every day what you want in your life, your thoughts and your fears are creating YOUR world. The more you think positive, the more you think of a peaceful world, the more you will create it!

This message is a part of the Essences of Maitreya’s Teachings. Discover many more wonderful messages on the Essences page.