It is my great joy to help you connect to your inner self and soul, to help you understand your life path and discover the answers for your personal fulfillment and wellbeing.

I am English and French (born in London), and came to live in France in 1994.

​My apprenticeship began at a very young age as I was always tuned in to the invisible world.   Often I had innate feelings and knowings in the form of information and details about people and situations which seemed inexplicable yet was accurate.

I never thought I could help others with these abilities until 2002 when I discovered energy healing.

From the very first touch of a healer’s hands on my head, I immediately connected with the spirit world from whom I received deep messages relating to my personal situation and my mission in life.

​During the years that followed I decided to develop my abilities to help others.  In 2011 I attended Margaret McElroy’s amazing Master of Metaphysics course which opened many doors for me.

I have been taught by wonderful teachers and my learning continues.

Look forward to meeting you

Past Life Regression & Hypnosis to heal wounds :

– QHHT® Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (level 2), Dolores Cannon’s method, (in person only)

– BQH® Hypnosis, Beyond Quantum Healing sessions (online)

– Introspective Hypnosis® (in person/online)

Spiritual Guidance Readings:

– Messages from the Universe – 1 hour  (in person/online)

– Messages from the Universe – 30 minutes (in person/online)

– Your Akashic Memores – 1 and a half hours (online)

Energy healing & Quantum Alignement (as taught by Eric Pearl):

– Reconnective Healing – 45 mins (in person/online)

– The Reconnection (taught by Eric Pearl) – 50 minutes two-consecutive days (in person only)

Website: French version

               English version