My name is Deidre Wilton and I am a graduate student of Margaret McElroy and the Master Maitreya, based in New Zealand. I am an Esoteric Astrologer and it is my life purpose to help others to find out who they truly are and what they have come here to learn, experience, develop and heal. Within your Natal Chart are all the answers to this and so much more, and it is my purpose to interpret this for you. I created Star-Wise Clairvoyant Astrology around 15 years ago and since then have travelled to teach and give Readings extensively both overseas and in New Zealand. I am a Metaphysics and Esoteric Astrology Teacher, an author and a Spiritual Counsellor. It is my passion and priority to use my gifts and talents to help humanity and if you are ready, I can help you to also develop who you truly are and to guide you towards being the best version of yourself possible, as well as living the best life you can imagine. Blessings xox

I offer the following services online:-
Clairvoyant Astrology Readings
Solar Return Readings
Guided Meditations
Personalised Healings and Guided Meditations
Transit Reports
Star Child Readings
Esoteric Astrology Course Level One
Esoteric Astrology Course Level Two
Esoteric Astrology Course Level Three (available early 2022)