Frankie Wintersteen is a Master of Metaphysics graduate of Margaret McElroy / Master Maitreya and Chiron – Healing Your Deepest Wound graduate of Jean Lou.

Frankie is a naturally gifted clairvoyant since she was very young and over the last couple decades has been trained in several different healing and psychic development modalities. Which some include;  intuitive energy healing, energy meridian acupuncture medicine, connecting to angelic / ascended master realms, spiritual advising and mentoring, psychic/mediumship, kriya yoga, flower/seed of life workshops (teachings of the merkaba meditations), elemental healing codes and shamanic indigenous wisdom teaching programs, and holds a 3rd degree Usui Shiki Ryoho / Holy Fire II Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher, intuitive channel artist, Crystal and Color Therapy .

She is passionate about helping others gently release stuck energy throughout the body that causes dis-ease, working on issues ranging from depression, inner child, abandonment, self worth, trauma, abuse, grieving, chronic illness, cancer, and infertility. Her individualized approach gives each client a personalized experience. She provides insight and guidance regarding your higher purpose and life’s soul mission. Clients often say that her calm, welcoming vibe puts them at ease immediately. They report feeling lighter, happier, restored, and inspired after a session with her. She also brings over 14 years of experience from her roles in the corporate world including mentoring and managing teams and conflict resolution, as well as developing and facilitating training programs.

Frankie is currently living in Central Florida in the United States, however all services other then #4 service are offered via Zoom, and/or iPhone facetime, or Facebook IM.

1. White Light Healing – Reiki In-Person (60 min)

2. White Light Healing – Reiki Distant / Zoom (60 min)

3. Clairvoyant Angel Card Readings (45 min) for spiritual insights

4. Tap in – Ask 4 Spiritual Questions monthly for spiritual insights

5. Commissioned Intiuitive Acrylic Painting  – personalized soul healing piece of art