Jacquie graduated in Metaphysics with Margaret McElroy who channelled Maitreya in 2004, and on her return to England knew intuitively she had to start teaching Maitreya’s Metaphysics Courses in very much the same way as they were taught to her, which she’s been doing for over 15 years. Jacquie continues to develop her connection with Spirit and channels their wisdom for her individual students. Her courses are very much tailored to each individual student to help them with where they are on their life path.

More recently Jacquie added the teachings of Jesus from A Course in Miracles which dovetails beautifully with Maitreya’s teachings. She has a gentle and light-hearted energy so is a pleasure to work with, and she comes highly recommended by her students who not only find their purpose in life but the courage to fulfil their dreams.

Jacquie lives in Cornwall, England, and with the wonder that is the Internet can work internationally!


  • The Beginners, and Advanced Master of Metaphysics Courses, either in person or via Zoom.
  • 1-1 Spiritual Guidance and Workshops on various practical topics, working in small groups or individually.

Please visit her website for details and she looks forward to hearing from you.



Instagram: jv2210_jacquie_verbeek

Facebook: Master Your Life with Jacquie Verbeek