Karen Downing began her training with Margaret and Maitreya in 2006, and started giving readings at local psychic fairs in 2007. In 2009, she started her own business, specializing in soul mission, past life patterns, astrology, chakra healings, and offering guidance to anyone looking to explore their spiritual path. During 2009 and 2010, Karen completed her channeling training, and she works with an energy known as Aurora (Sister).

Chakra Clearing – Discover and release old past life energy stuck in your chakras in this customized email report and healing session.

Astrology Chart and Report – Learn about your unique life blueprint, the lessons you came here to learn, your life purpose and soul mission. This is a full natal (birth) chart and customized email report based on your individual energic vibration.

Online Video Courses – There are several free and paid courses available on topics such as meditation, past life patterns, and the chakras.

Past Life Patterns Programs – Take the free past life quiz to discover your top past life patterns. Then together, we work with your top patterns as an archetype system to help you to identify, transform and release the outmoded emotions and thinking that you brought from the past into your life now.

Soul Mission Mentoring – Based on your astrology chart and past life patterns, we discuss and uncover ways in which you can turn your soul mission into a sustainable career path. In this year long program, we work together to set up your business and create a foundation for a lifelong enjoyable and profitable income stream.