Kim Sim

Kim Sim was born as a sensitive but her fears of the unknown closed off most of her spiritual gifts as a child. At 27, Sim moved from Malaysia to London to pursue her PhD. in Biotechnology; her young adult life took her even further from Spirit. After graduation, she ended up working at the Human Genome Center at the University of Tokyo in a male dominated Computer Science Department. At this point in her life, she went into a deep depression that led to the awakening of her Kundalini. The eruption of her emotional body triggered a life changing experience, and she discovered her natural healing ability and got to know her main guide, Matreiya Buddha (the Smiling Buddha). Her work as a scientist led her to the University of Kentucky. Though she spent 14 years doing scientific research, she was not fulfilled, and in 2004 she left scientific research and began her healing work at Lexington Complementary and Integrative Therapies. Sim acquired skills in many healing modalities like Seven Rays, Violet Flame Reiki, Usui Reiki, Karuna Ki, and Ki Manna, but she prefers to call her work “spiritual healing” because it is guided by Spirit. Sim also practices holistic healing and treatment. In 2006 she moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts where she completed an apprenticeship with the Boston School of Herbal Studies and then moved again in 2010 to North Carolina with her husband and daughter, where she continued to offer in-person and distance healings until the pandemic began in early 2020. Sim now offers distance healings and periodically offers healing workshops via Zoom.

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