I have been an educator for many years, a writer for as long as I can remember, and on a spiritual path forever. Since 2007 I have delved into metaphysical studies and practices, taking classes in astrology, energy healing, mediumistic studies, meditation, completing the Master of Metaphysics Courses and the Beyond the Brotherhood Course with Margaret McElroy. I intuitively write and create for myself and others; I most enjoy guiding others and allowing them the opportunity to develop and use their own intuitive abilities to begin or move forward on their path. It is always insightful, healing, and inspirational – for the teacher and the student!

I offer personal coaching and guidance for recognizing and developing one’s individual intuition – for self-insight, release, pleasure, information, messages from Spirit, past lives, clearing…and so on. Using a wide variety of tools (astrology, color, chakras, crystals, cards, writing, creativity, humor etc.), I can assist you on your path and teach ways for you to use these tools for yourself. I work as facilitator, intuitive guide and medium for information that comes through for you.

Private services are always personal and different for each individual. Listed below are only general overviews of sessions.  I also offer small and large group presentations. If you have a group that you would like me to present to, please contact me.

Intuitive Development Guidance and Coaching   
Personal intuitive development, coaching/guidance through the use of individually appropriate metaphysical tools, writing/creative exercises, meditations, humor. As each of us is on our own path, the process and tools vary for each individual.

Intuitive Writing/Creativity    
Open yourself to an adventure in writing/creating for your own purpose, whether it is for insight, release, healing, pleasure, journaling, information, story writing, artistic design or channeling. Included are suggestions and methods for using your abilities and sources. I provide insightful word and thought activities, relaxation and meditation, time to write, create, share and discuss. Each session is geared to the individual.

Guidance and Assistance with Writing and Publication; Editing