5-Days Master of Metaphysical Beginner’s Course

We are continuing Margaret/Maitreya’s Metaphysical beginner course to assist those who want to take their Metaphysical journey to the next level. This course bridges the knowledge of how life really works that Maitreya brought forward through Margaret with where the individual soul is at this point in time on their journey. As Maitreya often stated “You cannot learn while you are in the comfort zone of life”, so without this understanding of how life really works, you are going to be constantly in turmoil as your journey unfolds. This is a 5-day course of soul discovery on a personal and individual level under the direct guidance of higher consciousness from the world of spirit. This is a very insightful and inspirational course to assist you to start navigating your soul journey with knowledge and understanding. This course will be taught via live stream online or in person. If you choose to study in person, you will need to come to our home at Gig Harbor, WA, USA. You will be in the direct environment of the master’s energy. We will provide lunch each day. The tuition is $2,000. If you choose to study online, you can learn at your own home in front of the computer and you will also experience the powerful master’s energy of healing and transformation. The tuition is $1,500.

Through this 5-day course, you will learn:

  • What is Metaphysics? Energy of life and how you have chosen your life?
  • The world of spirit and how they communicate with you, and how you communicate with them.
  • The purpose of your life and your destiny; your life within your environment and circumstances; the key to unlock the myth about you and your life; how to live it to its full potential.
  • Subtle bodies, Chakras and their connection and relationships with body, mind and soul.
  • Emotions, dis-ease and emotional clearance.
  • The levels of consciousness and how to raise your consciousness and vibration.
  • Astrology and your life plan – Finding out who you “Really” are through your personal natal chart – chosen life lessons, habits and emotional quick sand, fears, deep wounds, talents and gifts, transformation
  • Karma, past life and past life energy, life lessons, and how to incorporate them into your life, your life purpose, mission and destiny.
  • Self and Higher Self, subconscious and conscious
  • Healing and healing modalities – past life regression, emotional healing, sound, color, crystals, magnetics, flower essences, essential oils, energy healing, journaling, meditation, etc.
  • Two guided meditations each day to meet your Guides and other Spiritual Helpers, establish the direct communication with them to assist you as you move forward in vibration and consciousness
  • On the last day, the Spirit will channel to the students and give the course completion certificate to each student.
  • Establish a mentorship to assist you to navigate your journey of soul discovery after the course.

Hi Jean, thank you and Alan for the course, I found it opened my mind up to more pathways I could potentially look towards. As usual, after a session or course with you all I feel more liberated in life so thank you all. Thank you and Alan for the opportunity today, my appreciation to you.

Love you all, – JW, Australia

M.C. from Canada

My journey to study Master of Metaphysics Beginner Course with Jean and Alan.

I have just graduated from the above course on 27/12/2018.My road to this point that has been a long and winding one is what I wish to share on this testimonial. The thought to attend this course first arose when Margaret was still on the earth plane in her physical state. At that time the self part of me quickly dismissed the idea by way of concluding that I was not yet ripe for the course judging from the fees structure.The self reasoned that I could not afford the course yet at that same time I was busy buying my toys that cost way more than the course fee. Whenever I was spending on my toys there were no second thoughts but when it came to investing in the course there was resistance. Fast forward the events, Margaret soon left the earth plane and boy did I begin to panic. My cover and comfort zone were blown off and I felt abandoned and vulnerable.

At panic mode I set out to order most of Maitreya’s channeled lessons in audio form and even downloaded all of the master’s e-books that were on offer.For a while I managed to maintain my ‘cool’ while listening to the audio lessons and reading the e-books. As we all know that the master teaches about looking inside ourselves and working on our own issues, how was I to do that ,now that Margaret the channel had left? I then decided to ask Spirit for a way forward and hoped for a speedy reply. After a while and unexpectedly, I developed a feeling of wanting to know more about my past lives. The feeling was so strong that I could not brush it away. Suddenly an idea to consult Jean popped up and I did just that.For some reason I needed a reading as opposed to regression therapy.So Jean hooked me up to a channel in Croatia, Natalija Pavlakovic.

Natalija is a gifted soul that channels the energy of Ascended Master Nada. She agreed to give me a mini reading at first. Important past lives were disclosed to me during that reading and the Master offered to give me a full one hour reading whenever I choose to take up the offer.I was so thrilled about that and in no time I took up the offer. At that reading, the Master indicated that they had been waiting to talk to me for quite a while and that Spirit was happy to have finally connected with me. Lots of life changing issues on my life path were communicated to me during that reading. After the reading I then asked the Master to suggest where I am supposed to start in order to accomplish the goals of my current soul journey. To that, the Master suggested I start by attending the Master’s beginner course.All I was searching for by way of reading and watching videos on Spirituality was already in me because I have been very spiritual for most of my past lives. I needed to be in the Master’s energy for me to move forward this time around. At that point I felt Spirit was now giving me a second chance to choose the right thing since I missed Margaret’s boat. I was so determined not to miss the boat this time around. Soon after the reading, I quickly got hold of Jean to inquire whether she could accept my enrollment for the course over the Christmas festive week 23/12/2018 to 27/12/2018. That was the only week I could have open due to work commitments.To that she agreed to enroll me over that period. I cannot over emphasize how grateful and relieved I was the moment Jean agreed. Throughout all this arrangement, the ‘self’ part of me might have been in hibernation because the resistance I had before never surfaced ever. Come 23/12 /2018 the amazing course commenced online. I live in Canada. Jean and Alan live in the US.

Believe me, in life there are gifts that are way more than any monetary system humanity has ever known. This course and all that comes with it is what I’m writing about at this point. I have attended courses in my life to the extent that I became a left brainer. This course has swung me out of the left brain box and straight into the ‘right’ brain with a complete understanding that we are all way more than our physical bodies.The course was all about my life path and every lesson of it hit right at home.Basically I now own my life path. I was BLIND but now I can SEE. The course environment was not only full of Spirit assistance but the conveners Jean and Alan are gifted jewels for humanity. There was free flow of not only knowledge but energy as well. One has to attend this course to feel what I felt and feel now in order to do justice to what I’m trying to communicate in words here. These are the points of life where words do not suffice. The best I can do is just to thank them both not to mention Spirit.

Now that I know that I have always been the master of my life path, I have work to do. I have to look into myself without flinching, face all the energies that I have to and when all is said and done, I shall be back at Jean and Alan’s door for the next Masters course to take me to the next level.For now I have to practice what I have learned so that it all becomes part of my fabric. It is not going to be EASY I know, otherwise by now the world would be brimming with enlightened human beings. I will always do my best though.

Once again to Spirit, Jean and Alan THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THE UNCONDITIONAL SUPPORT AND LOVE that you shared with me over the course. You all did this in order to assist me to move forward on my life path.

Love and Light to you all.
Makachi Chimusaru.

H. V. from Iceland

My way to the Master of metaphysical course

I got a glimpse of connecting to my Higher Self fifteen years ago. I suddenly had a deep sense that I understood everyone and everything in life. I only saw the good in people. People who had got on my nerves before didn’t do that anymore. I suddenly loved everyone with all my heart. This happened in the following weeks after my first child was born. After a perfectly normal pregnancy he was born with birth defects on both feet and left hand. I experienced a time period of much sorrow and also much happiness. He was my first child, so beautiful and healthy in every way. It´s very strange to find so much sorrow and happiness at the same time. I was fully opened to spirit. But because of the shock of my baby´s birth defects and worries about his future I couldn´t eat or sleep. I crashed when he was two weeks old and was admitted to a psychic ward for three weeks. Then the years passed, and I was always searching for this strong connection to spirit. I finished all kinds of courses with all kinds of spiritual teachers. All were very capable in their area. I read every spiritual book I found.

The last two years have been extremely hard for my first child who is now a teenager. He started to use drugs and was admitted to the emergency room more than once and more than twice. In this process I started to get a glimpse of a connection to spirit. Everything was falling apart but in the same time everything was falling together. The pieces of the puzzle started to fall in all the right places. I thought that now was the right time to take the Master of metaphysical course with Jean and Alan. The need was so strong that nothing could stop me from it. Coincidence or not, Jean and Alan decided to come to Iceland to hold the course. I signed up immediately. Then the situations in the world changed, countries were closed. The Covid-19 made its deposit everywhere. So, the Master of metaphysical course in Iceland was cancelled. But luckily, Jean and Alan offered to offer the course online and I decided to do it that way. I was very lucky to take that action. I got thirty hours of private teaching with both Jean and Alan. I sat in front of my computer three hours every evening for ten days in a row, except one rest day. This wasn´t like the teaching you experienced in the school. They had a well-prepared power point presentation for all the material they covered, but the true teaching took place with real life examples. For me personally that is the best teaching method to learn from. The teaching was therefore deeper, and the knowledge became alive on so many levels. I got some answers that I´ve been waiting for my whole life. After the course I went through an exceedingly difficult life situation connected to my marriage and my children. I sailed through it in peace and I´m still sailing. I´m still in the midst of this difficult life situation, but I´ve never been at more peace. The reason for this sense of peace is because of the knowledge and understanding of life that I received from the course. Jean and Alan assisted me in so many ways to open myself up to a flow of a deeper knowledge, and then apply it with understanding and patience to my everyday life. A knowledge that I´ve been waiting to touch on for fifteen years. I am now finally connected to my Higher Self.

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