Astrology – Your natal chart is your Akashic Record that you can access in this life, it is your blueprint and road map. Without understanding what you have chosen regarding karma, past life issues and life lessons, you will be wandering through life without purpose and direction like a boat without a rudder. Are you who you are? Do you feel lost or a sense of emptiness? Do you have a dysfunctional family life – difficult parents, scary or painful childhood experiences, loss, etc.? Do you have relationship difficulties? Do you have financial difficulties? The list of questions we all encounter at different points in our life are endless, but we have chosen them as part of our journey. You can find all answers through learning about your own natal chart. You will learn about you and your life step by step in great details:

•Your will power and how to use it to make your Sun shine

•Your life purpose, destiny and chosen life lessons

•Your biggest fear and challenge

•Your deepest wound and healing path

•Your emotional make-up, habits, patterns and how you relate and respond to others

•Your illusions and where you’ve chosen to transform yourself

•Your gifts and talents

•What you feel comfortable with, but often fall back to old your ways rather than embracing the new.

1). You can choose to focus on learning your soul contract in your relationships with your family, loved ones, friends or people close to you according your individual natal chart and your compatibility chart. It will focus on their purpose and roles they play in your life, what you need to learn from them, and how to deal with the issues between you. The minimum session of this study requires 3-hours. The tuition will be $180/3 hours. Sometimes it may need two 3-hour sessions, depending on each person’s individual requirement.

2). You can also choose to learn astrology basics in this private study. You will learn the meaning of planets, signs, houses, Nodes of the Moon, Ascendant, Mid-heaven and aspects in your natal chart, and how they impact your life and life journey. At the end, you will be able to understand your natal chart. This will be either a whole day (8 hours) or a 4 – weeks of study, once a week, 2-hours each week. The tuition will be $395.

This private study topic requires at least a 3-hour session and the fee is $180/session. You can choose the length of study. Sessions are recorded as MP3 audio files and will be sent to you after the sessions are finished.


Hi Jean and Alan, You’ve given me a lot to think about and digest going forward. Your advice, things to be aware of, possible reactions and all the insights and tips were very helpful and very much appreciated. I will do my best to speak my truth, hold my power, and ask the BIG Question: “Am I being true to myself?”  Wow!  That was a very powerful session. Thank you again. – D. P. from WA, USA

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