Healing Your Deepest Wound – In astrology, Chiron symbolizes our deepest wound, the deep, dark pain that we are not only hiding from others, but also from ourselves. It also represents the key to our spiritual transformation, how we can transcend our physical, emotional and mental limitations (the Self part of us) to our soul and spirit (the Higher Self part of us). All of us come into this life with a deep wound to heal. Only by healing our deepest wound, can we unlock our greatest gift and talent to be used to their full potential. The house where you have Chiron in your natal chart shows your primal wound which your soul has been called to heal in this lifetime. In this private study, we will work on:

•Unmasking your pain and acknowledging the wound. Although you may think you know what your problem is, you most likely don’t, as the Chiron wound runs very deep, it is a subconscious and unconscious expression, but has a deep, profound and prominent impact throughout your life journey as a human being.

•Process your pain – learn to bring together all the broken parts, so you can eventually bring to light your highest potential.

•Understand the pain from higher perspectives. Through this process, you are able to forgive and let go, and allow healing to take place. Healing your deepest wound enables you to become whole again, to raise your vibration to assist you to surpass the illusion of the earth plane, and to attain higher consciousness.

•Transform the wound into a gift. Only by healing yourself first, can you help heal the world. The goal is to transform the deep wound into your greatest healing power.

The Healing Chiron Wound study is a 4-week course, once a week, 2-hour per week. It requires doing a lot of inner work (homework). This will assist you to bring the energy to the surface to allow healing to take place. The tuition is $395.


Dear Jean, Clearing was so powerful yesterday. I used the way you taught me to clear it out. Surprisingly, after clearing out, the pain reduced from 100 to 20. And next morning I woke up, I feel only had 5 to 10% left.

Oh Jean, I am so grateful to meeting up with you. After your guidance on the clearing and all maitreya’s speak and teach, I now understand why I was so angry and sad all the time, and why all that happened to me. Thank you so much!

~ NN from Singapore

Having the opportunity to do Jean’s course Healing the Chiron Wound was a profound healing experience for me. With Chiron in Aries it showed me issues I never knew existed.

Jean was able to show me from my natal chart how much of an impact Chiron’s Wound has had on my life.

Jean’s teaching left me with such profound change. Thru this, I was able to peel away hidden layers of deep emotional wounds. After each session I could understand why I felt the way I did then and at the same time release the attachment to it.

I found Jean relatable and easy to understand.

For anyone and everyone who chooses to do this course, it means you are ready to HEAL within. I highly recommend this course as it is most beneficial to all.

Thank you, Jean, you are an inspirational and motivational teacher whom has allowed me the healing to move forward in my life…


J. W. – Melbourne, Australia

I’m now in my mid 40’s and up to December 2013 it was a hellish life of that, words cannot describe. I come to understand with the right knowledge and teachings from Maitreya Margaret, that I had much FEAR. I was in disbelief initially before realising that they were right!. I dealt with the current and the many past lifetimes of that fear, which Maitreya Margaret taught me how to heal that part of me – and to be honest, I can only describe it as a miracle! I released an immense amount of fear, without harm, in short time and with just a little effort on my behalf. I am a entire new person! It’s a miracle that with the right information how it can transform ones life in such a powerful and profound way as it did mine. I came to a stand point in 2018 where I was questioning certain occurances . happening in my life that I did not like living! I noticed it was affecting my loved ones too! The fear began to set in. I then made contact with Jean Luo. When Jean took one look at my Natal Astrology Chart she knew, what the problem was and explained in great detail, where this fear came from, what I was experiencing and how it was affecting my life – and she was spot on! I immediately took up the Healing with Chiron course, by Jean. By my 4th session of 6 sessions with Jean, those awful experiences occurring in my life, suddenly turned around as if by magic! And with very little, if any physical effort – really! Jean taught me the knowledge and techniques to heal that part of my life and it changed before my eyes! That was the icing on the cake for me. I have come to understand even more about my power, my abilities and my Life as a whole being who has more to offer Life itself than I could’ve ever imagined! I cannot find enough words to describe Jeans powerful energy, but I do know she is 100% supported by Maitreya Margaret which, I cannot find the words to describel that powerful energy in itself. I highly recommend Jean Luo as your teacher and confidant for your life’s direction! Thank you Jean Luo for everything you have done to Heal me, allowing me to Rise above and live the best version of myself.

– R.T., Brisbane, Australia

I have to tell you, i met my parents today the first time since i started the course and i found a huge difference. But they live a three hours drive from my home. I think it is a good sign of a success in the releasing process. Whoop whoop! Thank you so much. You’re a great teacher. Thank you again.

Thank you for the course on last Wednesday. My inner work is very successful after the course with you and my husband has noticed the change and have mentioned it twice 🙂 i’m very relaxed. 

After the course:

This Chiron healing course with Jean changed my life in six weeks. There is no exaggerations in that statement. When I became aware of my wounds then I suddenly went straight out of the victim role which I had been since I was a child. Because I was so wounded that I gave myself permission to be aggressive to the person I trusted the most, the love of my life and also of my ex. Suddenly I saw clearly that I had been using similar patterns in both these relationships. When I stopped giving myself that permission to hurt others, their attitudes towards me changed very quickly and at the same time the energy between us changed drastically. I would never have wanted to miss this course. I regained my freedom. Thank you so much Jean!

Best wishes from snowy Iceland,


Study of Healing the Chiron wound has helped me enormously to understand the importance of heal oneself, and the value of compassion and true forgiveness that one needs to give from the heart. It has helped me to heal and I have felt much lighter ever since so to speak.
I also understood the importance of the healing process and that this process can become a day to day task in order to heal our deepest wound. I have also become more aware of how important role the astrology has in our lives, in a sense brings understanding about our own life, and with the understanding, it comes knowledge, and the knowledge brings clarity. Thank you, Dear Jean, for all you have helped me in my study of Healing the Chiron Wound with you!

– RB, Mexico


I want to sincerely thank you for a truly healing session today, particularly the past life regression which allowed me to have a better understanding of the relationship with my mother so that I can shift, forgive, own my power and we can both move forward in our lives with greater love and acceptance for one another.
It has been a deep desire of mine to heal the relationship with my mother ever since I have been young.
Thank you so very much!
You are a wonderful channel for Spirit. ❤🌈☀
Love and blessings to you,
– G from NC, USA

Hi, Jean,

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the wonderful Chiron Healing Session and Natal Chart Reading.

Your knowledge, guidance, love, support, time, energy,  pleasant personality, and meditations are much appreciated.

I already feel better and will continue to learn from the homework and information you have given me.

~ GK from USA

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