Metaphysical Training – In this study, you will embark on a journey to learn about life and the unseen force that is with you all the time. It is everywhere and in everything; it is within you, around you, beyond you and below you. It governs you and your life. Once you have learned about it, you are able to utilize it to advance your soul and create your reality with great benefit. You will learn:

•What is metaphysics?

•The purpose of your life and your destiny; comprehending your life within your environment and circumstances; grasping the key to unlock the myth about you and your life; master your life and live it to its full potential

•Subtle bodies and their connection and relationships with Chakras.

•The levels of consciousness

•Astrology and your life plan

•Karma, past life and past life energy, life lessons

•Self and Higher Self, subconscious and conscious

•Healing and healing modalities – past life regression, emotional healing, sound, color, crystals, magnets, flower essences, essential oils, energy healing, journaling, meditation, etc.

•Understanding the world of spirit and how they communicate with you, and how you communicate with them.

This will be a 5-day intensive study, you can choose to come study with us in person, or you can choose to study via Skype, it will be 6 hours each day. If you choose to study via Skype, the tuition is $1500. If you choose to study with us in person, you will stay with us, the tuition will be $2000, including meal, accommodation and transportation from airport. You are responsible for your plane tickets.

Please fill in the form below or email us at with any questions you may have. We will get back to you as soon as we can. We are here to assist you. Thank you!