Other possible topics you can consider:

  • Past lives, past life issues and past life energy
  • Relationship difficulties and how to deal with
  • Health issues, cause and how to heal
  • Healing modalities & healing – energy healing, past life healing, emotion healing
  • Subconscious and conscious, Self and Higher Self, how to deal with the Self
  • Learning how to read tarot cards
  • How to use color for reading and healing
  • Any topics you wish to explore

Any of the above topics will require at least a 3-hour session and the fee is $180/session. You can choose the length of study. Sessions are recorded as MP3 audio files and will be sent to you after the sessions are finished.

Please fill in the form below or email us at info@maitreya.co with any questions you may have. We will get back to you as soon as we can. We are here to assist you. Thank you!