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Testimonials for Past Courses and Workshops

  • Workshop: Understanding the Purpose of Life and How to Play with It
    1. Hi Jean,

      Thank you and Alan for the course, I found it opened my mind up to more pathways I could potentially look towards. As usual, after a session  or course with you all I feel more liberated in life so thank you all.  Thank you and Alan for the opportunity today, my appreciation to you. 

      Love you all.  

      Justine Kambouris from Melbourne, Australia

    2. Dear Jean and Alan,

      Thank you ever so much for the time, energy, insight and information exchanged today at this workshop. Your willingness to share the experience in this close and personal session was very much appreciated. Thank you again for the very helpful workshop and for these personalized resources that I have now downloaded. There is much to read, to consider and to reflect upon.

      Please may I wish all at Team Maitreya every success and enlightenment going forward and I look forward to remaining in contact.

      Best regards,

      Malcolm Fry from London, England