A Beggar is No Less than A King

Humanity has a way of looking down on those less fortunate than themselves, they do not know those souls are learning far greater lessons than they can learn themselves. In our world they are respected and revered because they chose harder lessons to hasten their life lessons. You are all here to learn lessons, the more the trial, the sooner you can learn. You ask; “Why does God punish me?” when you are learning your lessons and they seem hard and difficult, but it is you who chose the lesson/s and God is there to give you the energy to sustain yourself during the difficult times. However, because you are in what the earth plane calls a negative state of being, you cannot draw on the energy being provided for you, all you can see and feel is the opposite.

God does not punish you, you punish yourselves; you do so by allowing the Self to control the situation and by allowing Self-pity to dominate. God will always give you a solution, an answer, but because the Self is in control, you cannot hear what God through the Higher Self is trying to give to you. The Self will do all it can to stop you from listening to the Higher Self; it will lie to you, confuse you, embarrass you, and stop you in any way it can. Until you can learn about the Self, you will never be free of it, and will never raise your vibration/consciousness.

The beggar in the street is no less than you are, but the beggar in his/her survival mode cannot see what the Self is doing, it needs to survive. You on the other hand have the opportunity to learn about the Self and change your destiny! The Self is fear, deep fear and once the fear is conquered, it is there no more. The beggar on the other hand is trying to survive and as such cannot spend the time working out the answers as to why it is going through the experience of being a beggar.

There is no difference between you and the beggar, you are both souls learning on the earth plane; but you have the advantage over the beggar, your stance in life, of not having to beg each day, allows you more awareness and more time to think and move forward with your life. No one is better than another, you are all souls on a path and when you come home at the end of your life you will all be treated the same, whether you are a beggar or a King!

Look upon everyone around you, whether beggar or King as the same, souls on a path; nobody is better than another, you just chose different paths to learn your lessons from, but you will return home to spirit the same way, and will be treated the same way. How you look at a person in this incarnation, can determine how you will raise your vibration/consciousness.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #427 from Maitreya Speaks