You were all meant to have abundance in your life. Yes, every one of you, yet you do not know of this, and many of you stop the flow to that abundance by your thinking. There is a common conception that some people are born to abundance and others have to suffer. This is not true. The Creator made you all the same. All of you can have abundance in your life. You just need to create it. Yes, some of you have lessons to learn about this subject and may find it harder than others to create this, but it should not be a problem and you will find that abundance.

You waste so much earth time by living in the past, not believing in yourself, having doubt about your abilities, etc. You cannot change what has been; why concern yourself with it? When you let go of the past you can create the future in a far better way. The energy is there to assist you because it is not being wasted on the past. The abundance that is yours by right can start to enter your life in whatever way you have manifested it. There are those who think that abundance is wrong, that one should not have abundance. How can one attain the things one wants if one does not have abundance? Think of what one can do if one has the means. It makes for a lovely life.

There is nothing wrong with abundance. It is what you do with it that counts. Think about where in your life you would like abundance and then let go of all negative thinking concerning that area. Then watch as your life changes. It really is very simple.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #287 from Maitreya Speaks Vol.3.