Forgiveness is something not easy to do; it should be easy but the Self-part of you will do all it can to bring anger and frustration into your life. It is hard to have compassion and forgiveness when one is angry and frustrated. The Self-part of you wants to dig the knife in to whoever has hurt you, and to keep you angry and upset, the Higher Self-part of you just yawns and says, “just forgive and move on”, but it is not as easy as it sounds.

Your Self wants to act out the scenario of anger as often as it can. You need to justify yourself and argue over what happened, it is relentless and you become a slave to it, responding every time with outbursts and anger. It is about learning to forgive, to move on whether the other person forgives you or not. You cannot wait for the other person; it may be years before they see the truth in the situation.

People will say it is being a coward to forgive, but holding onto a grudge, not forgiving, or being constantly angry can fester inside of you as time passes, causing illness, depression and stopping you from raising your vibration. To forgive is to find peace inside and to be able to move forward.

Some of you return to the earth plane to forgive actions from the past, but many do not forgive because the memory of the past life whether known or not, will stop the action taking place. As I stated, to forgive is a major life lesson, yet often it can be a blessing; once spoken, forgiveness is over, the energy of whatever one is forgiving for is gone, no, you will not forget, it was a life experience, however often it is necessary for a soul to move on and they cannot do that while unforgiving.

Say your forgiveness now, do not wait, let go of anger, frustration and pain, it is not worth it, as I tell my channel Margaret, “what a waste of energy!”


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #426 from Maitreya Speaks Vol. 4.