Get Out of the Comfort Zone to Make Changes!

It is with great joy that I write to you again. For those who are striving to better themselves spiritually, or those who are looking to raise their vibration, this letter will hopefully help them in their quest. Becoming spiritual and learning of the spirit is a very important event in a person’s life, for it can enable the soul to never return to the Earth plane. There is no easy way to make this happen, it takes hard work, determination, and discipline. More than anything, it means leaving the comfort zone behind. The Self resides in the comfort zone. It is happy there, and will do anything it can to keep itself there. Many souls when they open the door to their spiritual development remove themselves from the comfort zone to enable them to grow and become more spiritual.

You cannot make changes while you are in the comfort zone. It is only when one is removed from it that one can finally see what is necessary to be seen and also to start the path to a higher vibration. Before you are born, you first of all choose your Master to work with. You choose the age you will be when you decide to start the path to enlightenment. Some wait until they are mature in life, others, when quite young. You give yourself so many earth years to make the changes yourself, and then, if that has not been completed, you then seek the help of your Master. When this occurs, your Master, then starts the process of taking you from all that you have held dear, comfortable, and familiar.

This can occur in you losing your employment, your money, your partner, whatever you are familiar with, even your children, you choose the way you will learn, and the path you will take.

My channel chose to lose her very successful business, and to be left with nothing to force her to move forward out of the comfort zone. She also chose to be forced to leave the country she lived in, for another she knew nothing about. This isolated her from her family, friends and career that she had built up so successfully over a number of Earth years. By doing this she had to move away from the comfort zone and start again, but this time, with we in spirit teaching her a new way, and a better way.

By doing this, she raised her vibration, faced her fears which I can tell you, were terrible, and became a better person in her heart. She learned so much from the experience, as did Peter Luke her husband. They both learned to have total faith in we in spirit and to leave everything to our organization. It was not easy for either of them, but gradually they saw that we did know what we were doing, and finally let go and allowed spirit to lead and guide them instead of their Self which had done so for so long. The Self fought and kicked as much as it could when this happened, but in faith, they learned to let go of the Self and its demands.

Whichever way you choose your own path to realization, allow the process to happen. The Self will do everything it can to stop it happening, from creating depression, to full blown illness or hardship, and then bring the fear in as well.

The comfort zone is a wonderful place to be, but one does not learn from being there, one can only learn from being removed from it! All that you lose, you will one day regain. It is only removed for the process of learning!


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #6 from Maitreya Speaks