Happiness is the right of every soul, yet so many of you on the earth plane are unhappy and miserable. Why is this so? It is because you do not know where your happiness is. Many of you have never looked within yourself to see what it is that you can be happy doing. You do not believe that you are capable of being happy in anything. Negativity weighs around you like dead weights, and the more unhappy you are the more the weight.

Each one of you has talents, things that you can do to make a living for yourself and also to make life enjoyable for yourself. Once you discover your talent, then you want to go to work. You want to get out of bed in the morning; you enjoy every day. You want less sleep, and every day becomes a joyous occasion. You have a constant smile on your face and your energy is boundless.

It takes courage to find your talent because, once you do find it, then you have to apply it, and that can bring change. The Self hates change and will avoid it whenever it can. You can say, “But Master, how do I find out what my talents are?” and I will say to you that it is what you are good at best of all. Some people are good in a creative way, others in communication, others spiritual, others with logic. Every soul has their talent. Find it and you can find your happiness. If you want to take the easy way to finding your talent, then you can find a spiritual teacher/reader, one who works on a spiritual level. They will channel the information about your talent.

Do not be unhappy any more. Set yourself free and find the happiness that is meant to be for you. Do not fear change; it brings with it wonderful opportunities to change your life forever. Do not let your age stop you either. Many souls have changed direction late in life and made a better life for themselves. If you are an unhappy soul, then find your talent and find happiness.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #302 from Maitreya Speaks.