Your pets are very important to you; many of you do not know just how important they are. They serve the purpose of much healing, just touching them can help calm the body system and slow the stress factor. But, what if you do not have a pet, or cannot have a pet due to circumstances out of your control? Just looking at a picture or photo of an animal of your choosing, can do the same as having a pet in your life. The body responds in the same way as if it were real, looking at the animal in a photo, or some other way of display, will trigger symptoms similar to having the pet around you.

A few months ago, due to having to re-locate, my channel had to relinquish her beloved cat Tuppence; he had been with her for 6 years and had helped her to cope with a lot of spiritual energy and transition to a higher vibration. On arrival in India, she soon came to the realization of what this animal had done for her by having him close. He was a confidant she could talk to, who never answered back or argued with her. On her busy days of working, he helped move her energy she had accumulated from her work, stagnant old energy she had collected. He was her companion on the days she was alone, keeping her company at the side of her computer, often curled up in a ball, but just there like a silent friend.

We knew she would miss her pet, but not to what extent, and it soon came to a realization, he had done so much to help her during his time with her. Your animals, although around you and a part of your life, are far more than just pets. They serve a very important part of your life; they are calming companions. It has been shown in human life that those who have a pet, live longer and have less health issues than those who do not have a pet. Recently, in a store with my channel, she came upon a “toy” animal, there were cats and dogs. I suggested to her she buy one of these to sit on her desk or near to her computer, to signify her lost pet I informed her it would be actually less inexpensive because she would not have to feed it. I believe these toys were given the name Virtual Pets. However, she was persuaded not to purchase one at that time, but it would really help her energy if she were to purchase one.

Having one at the side of her computer, just sitting there would help her stress levels, touching it would remind her of her lost pet, and re-create the energy she used to feel from it. These “animals” even breathe and their bodies move up and down just like a real animal. I know one day she will purchase one, it is just a matter of time. It may not be a “real” animal, but it will play the role of a real animal, and provide the calmness and presence a real animal can provide. More and more nursing homes and hospitals have welcomed pets into their premises, these pets provide a valuable service to the patients, their presence helps to heal and provide soothing to the heart of those who are ill; there are even animals who know when people will pass to our world! A virtual pet cannot do that, but it can replace the presence of a real pet in so many ways.

If you have a live pet, count yourself very special, for your animal chose you and you chose your animal, you are indeed blessed and your life will be changed because of that. But remember, even a photograph of a pet can provide a calming influence in your life. My channel has a painting of a peacock and a wren, in two different picture frames on her wall in front of her computer, it brings her some peace to see these birds each day as she sits at her computer. They may not be real, but they provide the illusion of that. Why not try having a picture, photo, or virtual pet in your life, and watch the difference in your energy!


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #368 from Maitreya Speaks Vol. 4.