Most of you live a life where you are neither true to yourselves nor to others. You do things because you fear that you might upset others. It is easier to say yes than to say no. So many of you live lives you are not happy with. You hate your job, but you stay because of fear – fear of moving, fear of change, fear of this and fear of that. If only you would trust and have faith; all that is meant to be will come to you.

You have set a destiny for yourself, and if you are true to yourself and do not have fear, all that is meant to pass, can come into your life. Yes, you have lessons to learn, and you and you alone set up those lessons. You can take the easy road to accomplish those lessons and to move on, or you can take the hard road – which you often tend to do. We try to make everything simple and easy for you, yet the fear forces you to run away, instead of going onto the smooth path. The Self fears change – it fears what it does not know.

How often are you honest with yourself? Be totally honest and ask yourself whether you are happy with your job, your partner and your way of life. If the answer is no, what will you do to change that situation? You have no idea how unhappiness can create dis-ease and ill health in your life. You are unaware of how much dis-ease you create by not being honest with yourself. When you get sick, you wonder why. I receive many healing requests each Earth week, and many of those who have problems will not make the change that will remove the blocks from their being. I can hear you saying now: “But Master, if I leave my work, partner and way of life, what will I do?” I say this to you: “The Universe will lead you to a new adventure, for that is what the experience of change is – a new adventure.”

You are so afraid of facing your fear and lack of honesty. You beg for change, but when change comes, you run away from it. If you are to raise your vibration, you need to be totally honest with yourself, let go of fear, and accept the change that comes into your life. Tell the Universe you are now ready for change, and watch the Universe skillfully bring to you that change. Then you can become your own Master.

Lack of honesty, denial or fear of change can create so many health problems that often go with you into another incarnation. “How do I change this?” I hear you say. You must first of all be totally honest with yourself and not let the Self persuade you that you are happy when you are not. Then say to yourself: “All that I need is the change to come, and that change is one which I accept and have no fear of. It will come and assist me in the transformation that is to take place.” If you say this often enough, it will change the energy around you and assist in helping you make the change. Make this coming new Earth year one in which you are totally honest with yourself, allowing the change to take place so that you can move forward in vibration and consciousness. Your life will then change for the better. Yes, you will go through some trials and learning, but the end result will be wonderful!


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #172 from Maitreya Speaks.