At this time on the Earth plane, there is so much anger and tension. Most of it is in the name of God, or the Divine Spirit. One group of people against another! There has been this kind of energy for such a long time, thousands of years of Earth time, but it is now coming to a head, and boiling over. You were all born differently; there is no one the same as you, not even your twin or triplet! You are all unique and as such have different belief systems. There are those who think in a similar way and as such they may follow a group belief. There are those who agree and support my writings, they may not have the same likes and dislikes, but they like what I channel through my medium, as such they follow closely what I write and express, despite their differences. God is not a man, nor is that energy male or female, it is energy, embracing both male and female, it is unconditional, and as such does not judge or criticize anyone. That energy knows the reason and depth for your actions, and the things you do in this life.

Hatred and anger have to be taught, and if not are connected to soul memory, which you usually do not understand, but why do you feel the way you do? It has to come from somewhere! Humanity does not understand if they kill someone, as in war or conflict, it is not just over and done with, the soul has to come back and experience what they created, they will come back to be killed themselves; until the soul can realize what a waste of energy killing someone is, they will consider to return, life after life, until finally in desperation at experiencing it again, they ask for a Masters assistance before their incarnation, and sometimes even that does not assist, as the soul goes back into the old way of behaving/thinking.

It is not just killing which is the issue either, all of the emotions are involved, jealousy, hatred, fear, unless the emotion is controlled, and not reacted to, the pattern will continue incarnation after incarnation. In the Middle East, and around the world it has been taking place for years and years; brother against brother, family against family, friend against friend, yet you are all from the same family, God’s family! Your belief may be different, you may have a different color skin, but you are all a part of God, you came from that source and will return to that source. It is the Self part of you which responds to fighting and dissatisfaction, it responds through fear.

Until you can learn to understand each other and not react to differences of race, creed or color, the Earth plane will never change. Each of you is unique, a wonder into its own, just think of the millions of souls and nobody the same as you. Just because one wears a different mode of clothing, does not mean there is something wrong with that person, it is THEIR choice. God gave you choice, had that energy not done so, you would all be robots. The way to begin the healing process of division is first of all to begin with your own family. If there is dissension around you with family members, learn to give it no energy, do not feed the conflict! You all strive to prove YOU are the one in the right, you argue over whose opinion is the right one; what a waste of energy! Just think what you could do with the energy you waste on conflict, what could you do with that? You would have more energy for so many things, yet you continually fight for your right to be heard and to be proved right.

You cannot have world peace if you do not have peace in your family, or those around you. It begins with you also, how much energy do you give to conflict around you? Is it worth giving energy to? No, it is not, it is the ego trying to stay in control. What does it matter? It only matters to the ego, the Self part of you. You are incredible energies, but you do not realize this because you are so filled with anger, hatred, jealousy, fear, doubt and other emotions, you cannot see beyond that your attributes and talents. Detachment is the key to world and family peace, not responding to goading and harassment; it is hard to formulate, for you have had these emotions for so long, but the more you practice and learn to control the Self part of you, the ego, the easier it will become. Why not start today with those around you?

Detachment does not mean one cannot have compassion or understanding, one does not become a part of the emotion; one stays aside from it. It is not YOUR emotion, once you learn to detach, you will find life will not only become easier, but simpler also. It is sad to see you continually leave our world and return to it, never moving on, it is time for all humanity to move on, but it can only be done when no more energy is wasted on emotions which cannot win, but think they can. Once that is done, world peace can begin, very slowly, but surely!


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #411 from Maitreya Speaks Vol.4.