Listen to Nature

There is so much in the world that is beautiful. Yes, humanity has changed the face of the Earth plane over Earth time. So has nature itself. If you take the time to go out into nature though, you will find the most wondrous sights. Very little is spoken of regarding the animals, birds, trees, flowers in the world. Yet they do exist, and they co-exist with humanity. You need the tree’s just as much as you need the oxygen in your air. How many of you take the time out to hear a bird sing in the trees, or sit in a rain forest and listen to the sounds of nature.

The sound of nature is very important for you, especially if you lead a stressful life. For it is the sounds of nature which can soothe the troubled soul and quiet the mind. Whether you choose to go to nature itself, or whether you choose to buy the sounds of nature. You do need this energy. It is known as the Deva Kingdom, and it is as important to you in your life, as the air that you breathe. Nature provides the balance that is so important for all souls. I hear so many times, the words, “I am stressed” “I am exhausted” “I am in need of rest”. Humanity in its search for an easier life has created more stress than it knows. Your machines that do your work do not give you more time, they take more time, yet you cannot see this.

When you do get stressed, then the sounds and scenes of nature can help you to soothe your soul. Take the time to sit outside and listen to the sounds, the birds singing, the trees rustling, if possible, walk in nature. Visit forests and lakes, and breathe in the energy of nature. One day in nature is worth more than you will ever know for your soul. The Deva kingdom are there to serve you, they know their purpose in the hierarchy of life, and they are waiting to assist you all to find peace and quiet in a very stressful world. Even the sound of rain on the roof can be soothing to the soul. Listen to the world outside of yours, it does exist, and it can help to heal you if you wish.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #26  from Maitreya Speaks Vol. 1.