For many years many people on the earth plane have talked about ascension. Many have said that space beings will come to the earth plane and take the good souls away. Others have predicted that only certain church groups will ascend when the Christ Soul returns. The real truth is that all mankind can ascend. However, many souls will not do so because they will not raise their vibration.

The Photon Belt energy, the Christ Spirit, is aiding to raise the vibration of those on this planet. Many souls will not be able to handle the higher energy unless they have cleared away their blockages and dealt with controlling their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Millions of souls on this earth plane have been trapped – returning incarnation after incarnation – unable to leave this vibration because of the lack of knowledge about the chakras and their purpose. They lack the knowledge of past-life memory and keep themselves in darkness, only achieving nirvana or peace between lifetimes. They have to return over and over trying to clear away the dross of incarnation after incarnation. The Christ Soul came through Jesus 2000 years ago. He was a medium and a healer. He transfigured just as many mediums do today and he brought with him the Photon Belt energy then. Today it is being done again to help humankind raise their vibration. Sadly the words of the teacher, Jesus, have been changed beyond their original meaning. Many other prophets have also spoken and brought new energy and messages from the Masters to aid mankind, but all of them have been interpreted wrongly.

The message is being given again in the hope that humankind will listen. It is for those who have sought spiritual help, those who are without negative conditioning and thought. For those that have love for their fellow humans despite their failings, and for those who follow the light and have no judgment of another, they will finally leave this earth plane never to return. They will move to a higher vibration, away from the negativity, and they will be one with the Supreme Being, or God. This will happen for all souls who are in this present incarnation and who have raised their vibration. Those who do not raise their vibration and who do not heed the message of the Masters will stay earthbound to incarnate over and over for another one thousand years of earth time until another energy comes to transform and aid those who want to leave.

Many of those leaving the earth plane this time are attached to the space brotherhood of many incarnations past. They came to seed and to teach. Once they blended their energy with that of humankind on earth. Their Higher Self that was of the purest and highest merged with the Self of primitive man, the animal part of humankind. Subsequent offspring were tied to the earth plane, incarnating life after life, trying to free themselves from the Self. They tried desperately to merge with the Higher Self, but were unable to do so because the vibration of the planet was not high enough.

That is now changing, and humankind has the opportunity to change. The dark forces are gathering also, waiting to pounce on those who want to change. Many will succumb to temptation and go backward, but many will move forward into ascension and merging with God, the Divine Soul, to leave the earth plane forever. There is so little time and so many souls to contact. Many words have already been spoken and written, but still humankind buries their heads in the sand. Many channels have been sent, and still they remain unheard because humankind has come to love the darkness and has forgotten what the light is like. It is not the singing of hymns and the chanting of prayers. Nor is it the insistence on following one particular sect or cult or doing things a particular way. It is in being honest with oneself, facing one’s negative or dark side, and seeing good in every soul, never judging another. It is a peace that passes all understanding.

Let yourself be led to the light. Let the light shine through, and the reward will be that peace. Let yourself be led away from the earth plane to ascension – to a higher vibration – and to a union that is beyond anything you have ever known. It can start now. You can experience that peace. You just have to turn to the light, be free of all criticism, judgment of another, free of the emotional body, understand the spiritual laws, and abide by them. Love your fellow man with all your heart and be willing to grow spiritually. The opening of this door is not easy. We have sent many teachers to help you. They are everywhere, and if you ask you will be led to them. It means facing your Self and letting it go. Then will you make ascension to the higher vibration.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #236 from Maitreya Speaks.