Avoiding Darkness

What is darkness? Many souls are afraid of “The Dark Side.” What is the dark side and what does it do? The dark side is your Self. It is your own fear and insecurity. There is no devil, nor is there a dark side. These come from within you. If you have fear, then you will draw that which you fear into your aura. It will come in the form of many things. It can be manifested on its own or through your close associates and family, but it will manifest if you fear it. Other people’s fears can become your own. From an early childhood age certain souls who are destined to become healers can absorb the negativity of others, especially family. This can in turn manifest in the person at any time in their life.

If you give others no power, they have no power over you. If a person makes you feel fearful, look into the past – either this life or others – for this is where the fear comes from. If other people around you are negative, then work constantly to uplift their spirits. It is surprising that if you are positive and they are negative, their negativity will either be swayed by your being so positive, or they will not be able to bear it and will move away.

Humanity has a habit of getting involved in the affairs of others. You interfere so many times when you should not. By doing this, you do not realize that the one you are helping is not helping themselves, and so in effect you stop that soul from growing. It is possible for your actions in helping to bring the soul back for another round of incarnation! Each soul has their own script which was created before they were born and, like the actors on a stage, they are acting out their script. Everyone around them is their supporting cast who is helping the person to live that script.

Nothing is real; all is illusion. But until you can raise your vibration away from the earth plane and move into detachment, you will never see this. You are the creator of your own reality. You can choose the light or the dark, the positive or the negative. You choose. Which one do you want?


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #248 from Maitreya Speaks.