I have mentioned in many communications about humankind each having a different vibration. I write to you now about the subject of beauty and of it being within and not without. Many souls on the earth plane are concerned about their beauty – whether they have the right body, a beautiful figure, too many facial lines etc. – and this applies to men as well as women. They often cannot see the beauty that is within, the beauty of the soul.

When you are at peace and happy with yourself, then one does not concern oneself with mundane thinking. The body that you have is only on loan for this lifetime and it is one you have chosen. The shape of your body, face, and appearance is all due to genetic programming from many members of your family. Your soul, however, is not genetic but is your own, created from your own lessons, experiences, and growth in the spiritual realms. When your soul is at peace, you are at peace. This manifests as a beautiful glow around the body. Your energy is golden; it does not matter what you “look like.” Those who look at you see the face of God.

My channel, Margaret, often despaired because she carried extra weight. She was once very thin, but as she matured she gained weight. I have informed her that she could not take the energy of the spiritual world if she did not have some measure of protection. Thankfully, since raising her vibration she has let go of the need to be “beautiful” externally and has become beautiful internally.

The more you open to love and the divine energy, and the more you deal with your blocks and fears, the more you can become a beautiful channel for the divine light – that golden, beautiful light of God, or the Divine Soul. Beauty then shines from within. The external part of you is not seen because of the beautiful vision from within. All those who come into your energy see that beauty and cease to look at the external. They do not see your crooked nose, your body with extra weight, your blemishes, and what you consider as flaws. All they see is the beauty of the Divine Soul, or God. The desire for beauty is the desire of the Self. Once you surpass that desire, once the Higher Self is attained through dealing with your own limitations – blocks, fears, desires, doubts, insecurities – then you can shine from within and all that shines is beauty, a golden light which then becomes radiant.

Beauty is not without. Only the Self sees that and complains. Beauty is within and, when it is allowed to shine and come forth, then it can become a beautiful energy to see and to mirror for everyone else.


This is Maitreya’s Newsletter #345  from Maitreya Speaks